Friday, June 29, 2018

Melania Speaks... Sort Of


It was 90 degrees in Texas when Melania wore her "I really don’t care. Do U?" trench coat. Her spokesperson, Stephanie Grisham, didn't want to discuss it: "It’s a jacket... there was no hidden message." OK, the message wasn't hidden, but did it mean something? Was there something we really doesn't care about?As one wag put it, "So . . . the First Lady tries to show her sympathy for thousands of children torn away from their parents for months, while wearing a shoulder-warmer saying 'I really don’t care.'  Where was her scarf saying 'screw you?'  Where was her tank-top embroidered with an upraised middle finger? Well, it finally has happened. For once, words speak louder than actions.... we just passed putrid, and we’re well on the way to gangrenous. This is not entirely unprecedented. As Rousseau wrote, when a 'great princess' was informed that the peasants had no bread, she replied 'qu’ils mangent de la brioche' (let them eat cake)." Is that how how Melania sees it? For real?

But now we find out she actually was sending a message with that jacket the other day.

Who knew? It didn't look good and engendered a lot of comment but... no one really understood what it was supposed to mean exactly. Jesse Nutter solved the mystery:

If you click on the image it'll blow up and be easier to read. It's worth it

And a quick couple of words before you go to sleep from my friend Jerry Leichtling, reminding us that Deutschebank, through Justice Kennedy’s son, provided hundreds of millions of dollars in loans to Trump. Deutschebank financed Hitler too.

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At 10:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All of this connected corruption, and nothing ever gets done about it."Me ne frego" might as well be the motto of the "democratic" Party.

At 6:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Didn't need the dissertation. Already knew all of this, including what 10:32 added.

you see, I watch WHAT THEY ALL FUCKING DO!!! I also watch what they (the 'craps) refuse to do.

Everyone who pays attention (there are about 100 of us in the entire united shitholes of America) does not need all the words parsed, whether verbal or written. We already know.

Now... how about we elect us a bunch more of those neofascists and expect them to undo all these Nazi reforms.


At 4:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awright, can we all just dispense with whatever sympathy we have for this broad having to be married to the most despicable American since Dahmer?

Can we all just start calling her eva anna paula? I mean, both were models when they each met THEIR hitlers. Lots in common there. And she seems quite comfortable as the consort to pure evil.

melania... = MAL Eva? maleva? sounds about right.


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