Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Most Important Congressional Primary Of 2018-- Throw The Bum Out


We've been writing about Alexandria Ocasio, who we endorsed, for some time now and, for far longer, about her opponent Joe Crowley. As you can see from the video above, Alexandria is guaranteed to be a shake 'em up member when she makes it to Congress. Crowley, on the other hand, is exactly what need has needed to be shaken up. Time's up.

Pelosi and Hoyer have groomed him and anointed him as their successor to lead the House Democrats. I can't think of a way to destroy the Democratic Party sooner than for Crowley to lead it. Nor can I think of a more corrupt Democrat in Congress. 

Did you think Chicago Blue Dog Dan Lipinski was bad? No one pays him much attention and there isn't much he can do more than vote badly. Crowley is far worse, since he aspires to lead the Democratic Party. For those who like to say there is no difference between the two parties... they'll be a lot closer to correct if Crowley wins the speakership. But right now, Crowley may not even win his own own Queens-Bronx House seat in the June 26 primary. How is that possible? After all, as of the March 31 FEC reporting deadline, Crowley had raised $2,777,489 and Alexandria just $115,653.

Goal ThermometerOK, here's how: he and his family live in Virginia and he has virtually nothing to do with the district, a district that has changed drastically since it was first given to him in 1998. Less that 20% of the people are white and very few of them have ever even heard of him or know he's their congressman. As Alexandria says, "It's time we acknowledge that not all Democrats are the same. That a Democrat who takes corporate money, profits off foreclosure, doesn't live here, doesn't send his kids to our schools, doesn't drink our water or breathe our air cannot possibly represent us. What the Bronx and Queens needs is Medicare-for-all, tuition-free public college, a federal jobs guarantee, and criminal justice reform. We can do it now."

And replacing the ones who have prevented this kind progress for years-- whether that's Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell or Joe Crowley and Steny Hoyer-- is the only way to accomplish that. Please consider chipping in to Alexandria's campaign by clicking on the Blue America thermometer above and by sharing that video up top with everyone you know, especially the folks in NY-14, which includes City Island, Baychester, Pelham, Morris Park, Parkchester, Middletown, Throggs Neck and Spencer Estates in the Bronx and Malba, College Point, Corona, Steinway, Woodside, Jackson Heights, Sunnyside and East Elmhurst in Queens. This is a blue, blue district and there's no chance of forfeiting it to the GOP by kicking out Crowley. The PVI is D+29 and Hillary beat Trump in the district 77.7% to 19.8%. (In 2012, Obama won with over 80%.)

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At 6:26 AM, Blogger Steven Dorst said...

How did Bernie perform against Hilary in the 2016 primary?

At 7:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you don't think that Pelosi, hoyer and the money don't have a plan in place if Crowley loses or Pelosi or hoyer drop dead? You don't think Pelosi won't open the pac wide for Crowley?

you clearly give voters waaaaay too much credit.

Your delusion of remaking the party blue again will never happen until AT LEAST the top 100 democrap whores ALL lose or die... **AND** their voters replace them with progressives.

If Crowley loses, that's 99 more to go.

At 8:57 AM, Blogger edmondo said...

She's amazing. If someone like that could win a nomination for Congress as a Democrat I might actually re-join the party again. Of course if she did beat Crowley, the Dems would figure out a way to destroy her.

At 8:07 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Whips and Leaders are the true crux of our corruption. They were created during the height of Government corruption in 1899 and 1900. They were NOT implemented by the framers of the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence. Congress is manipulated by Whips and Leaders to broker the bills in a profiteering manner to 501c's, corporations and other countries. There is no defensible argument, Congress betrayed their Fiduciary duty. Whips and Leaders should have been eliminated with Antitrust in the early 1900's. Whips and Leaders front run our republic.

At 10:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Randy makes a solid point. However, an enforced binary system logically leads to the whip functionary. Leaders have become the crux only because parties allow them to rule their entire caucus tyrannically.

In a true irony, john boner was far less a tyrant over the Nazi caucus than Pelosi has been over the fascist caucus. It and some profound personal flaws led to him losing his gavel to more sober tyrants.

That said, however, 'it's still the money, stupid!'

At 12:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

She's a wonderful candidate that has a real shot. New York's primaries are low turnout affairs and Crowley is dependent on the party machine. Few voters actually know Crowley who does not live in the district. If her campaign can mobilize the progressive and latino voter bases she can win.


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