Friday, May 11, 2018

Is The DCCC Supervising A GOP Win In Orange County's Most Flippable District?


One of California's most conservative Dems, Scott Peters, endorses his rich funder, Paul Kerr

According to, this cycle's half dozen worst self-funders-- at least so far-- include 5 Democrats-- and 4 of this 5 are running ing in Orange County. These are men-- and one woman (an utterly worthless Qualcomm heiress from Brooklyn, pushed run by EMILY'S List-- who are trying to buy congressional seats. All are expected to spend much more before their races are over. Anyway, these are the sic with how much they've self0funded and what percent of their total campaign war chest comes out of their own pockets:
David Trone (D-MD)- $5,281,939 (93.71%)
Andy Thorburn (D-CA)- $2,335,900 (91.20%)
Gil Cisneros (D-CA)- $2,052,762 (81.96%)
Paul Kerr (D-CA)- $1,612,728 (82.75%)
Bob Corlew (R-TN)- $1,300,000 (98.91%)
Sara Jacobs (D-CA)- $1,087,461 (64.35%)
Kerr and Jacobs are running in the same district, CA-49. Kerr knows he has no shot at winning but he wants to build up name recognition so when his conservative pal, New Dem Scott Peters runs for mayor of San Diego in 2 years, he can then run for Peters' neighboring San Diego seat. Jacobs' ridiculous run is just something EMILY's List has cooked uo as a way for their corrupt consultants to get their hands on her money.

But the two biggest Orange County self-funders are Thorburn and Cisneros. Cisneros is the silliest candidate of the cycle, a former Republican potato chip taster for Frito Lay's who won $266 million in a lottery and thinks that entitles to him to a seat in Congress. He's been buying endorsements from easily corruptible members of Congress (like this guy) since he decided to run as a "Democrat."

When candidates have money to burn, they spend it foolishly. This week Cisneros, whose campaign is controlled by the DCCC, started running an ad on CNN attacking Thorburn. And Cisneros and Thorburn have started flooding Orange County mail boxes with slick, vicious attack ads against each other , like these 3:

Republican voters love is when their candidates attack each other. Democratic voters don't; in fact, they hate it. Democrats like positive primaries. And Democrats like the negative saved to be used against Republicans. Cisneros' incompetent task masters at the DCCC-- Jason Bresler and Kyle Layman-- should know better. But they don't. So, you have seen Cisneros and the DCCC smearing Thorburn relentlessly, asserting that he's a tax evader and giving the GOP weapons against him if he makes it into the general-- much like the DCCC did to Laura Moser in Houston.

Cisneros, whose every word is scripted by the DCCC and the high-priced consultants they made him hire, is on a kamikaze mission against Thorburn. "We already have a con man in the White House," they had him say. "We don’t need one representing the 39th District. Andy Thorburn’s career is an unbroken chain of tax evasion, financial mismanagement, and misreprersentation." What's especially funny about this is that it's coming from the mouth of a man who has constantly been caught in outright lies and an unending stream of misrepresentations. Cisneros is more like Trump than any other Democrat running for Congress anywhere in America.

This is the cached website the DCCC designed for Cisneros to use in his attack against Thorburn. They are such scumbags-- but also stupider than shit and unable to cover their own tracks. This is the site that has been taken down-- "Committee name here" written in the disclaimer box-- instead of anybody's disclaimer. Watch them screw up another race! Since Cisneros isn't even a Democrat and has no idea how to appeal to Democrats, his campaign is completely based around attacks against the Democrats running for the CA-39 seat. This are the claims he's been using his lottery winnings to make against Thorburn:
Thorburn is running for office on his record of being a teacher but his only teaching experience was four decades ago in New Jersey. He is in fact an insurance executive who has bankrupted numerous companies, failed to pay his taxes, and made a fortune that he is now spending to misrepresent himself to voters.
Thorburn says he’s a successful businessman but in fact he has a history of illegal and unethical business misconduct. He led a company that was forced to pay over 234 thousand dollars for breach of contract to a customer who asserts Thorburn defrauded him. A former business partner asserts Thorburn used fraud and defamation to push him out of their business and says that Thorburn did not pay taxes or use normal account procedures, used offshore bank accounts, and used insurance ratings improperly.
Thorburn says he supports big government policies but won’t pay his fair share in taxes to fund these policies. He failed to pay his taxes for five years and has faced nearly three-quarters of a million dollars in federal tax liens. Thorburn and two of his businesses filed for bankruptcy. When wealthy men like Thorburn fail to live up to their responsibilities, the burden is shifted to ordinary families who pay their taxes. 
There's also a good candidate in the race-- Sam Jammal, the Democrat who actually lives in the district (unlike Cisneros, Mai Khanh Tran and Thorburn, the 3 multimillionaire carpetbaggers)-- but the clueless DCCC shenanigans could well end with 2 Republicans-- Young Kim and Bob Huff-- winning the jungle primary and no Democrat making it into the general election. That's the DCCC; that's Kyle Layman; that's Jason Bresler; that's Ben Ray Lujan... and that's what we get when Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer get to supervise the DCCC. Eric Bauman should kick them out of the state.

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