Saturday, March 31, 2018

Who's Sad Trump Is Sparking A Devastating Civil War Among GOP Candidates?


How loyal a Republican candidate is to Señor Trumpanzee is now being treated as a determining factor by many. Awesome-- for Democrats. At a time when Republicans who embrace Trump top strongly risk losing independent voters or risk losing Trumpists by shunning him, the party is further splintering. As the Washington Post reported a few days ago, Michigan's far right gubernatorial candidate, Attorney General Bill Schuette, is running the TV ad above that starts and ends with Trump's endorsement. (In between is nonsense about the policies of the last Democratic governor, Jennifer Granholm, who was replaced by Republican Rick Snyder in 2011.) Schuette's other ad on TV right now just flat-out attacks his Republican primary opponent, Lt. Gov. Brian Calley, claiming he "deserted Donald Trump, helping Hillary Clinton's campaign." Watch:

James Hohmann wrote that "Fealty to Trump has become more of a litmus test than ever for Republicans. Emboldened by private polling and focus groups that show the president is incredibly popular with the base, GOP candidates are stepping up attacks on their rivals over any daylight they’ve shown with Trump, even if it stemmed from his personal conduct toward women or apostasy on traditional conservative orthodoxy. It’s another illustration of the degree to which Trumpism has come to define the Republican Party. This is no longer the party of Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush. It’s the party of Donald J. Trump." The Trumpists are attacking... everywhere. The battle between Scalise (LA) and McCarthy (CA) to succeed Ryan is already seeing each claim-- quietly-- that he is Trumpier than the other.

Meanwhile, Ohio's Lt. Governor and gubernatorial candidate, Mary Taylor, is being sliced and diced by extremist Mike DeWine because she isn't Trumpy enough. His allies are attacking Kasich and Taylor. Though Kasich is far more popular among Ohio voters than Trump, a mailer from a DeWine cutout group, Ohio Conservatives For A Change, claims "We stopped John Kasich short of the White House. Now we must stop Mary Taylor short of the governor’s office." The primary is May 8. Taylor is being castigated for supporting Kasich over Trump in the 2016 Republican primary. It might be worth noting two things: DeWine also endorsed Kasich's presidential bid during the primary and that these were the results of that Republican primary:

Kasich- 956,762 (46.8%)
Trump- 727,586 (35.6%)
Cruz- 267,592 (13.1%)
Rubio-59,418 (2.9%)
Current polling shows Kasich with a 54% approval rating, compared with 41% for Trump. (Kasich's disapproval is just 31% while TRump's is 20 points higher-- 51%.) The problem, though, is that among Republicans only Kasich's approval is 55% (said as his approval among independents) while Trump's approval is 75% among Republicans (and just 39% among independents). That same poll shows DeWine eviscerating Taylor 50-18% one even among independents who plan to vote in the GOP primary, DeWine is ahead 43-33%.

This can only help the Democrat

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At 6:43 AM, Anonymous Hone said...

Screw the entire Republican Party. Screw the Blue Dogs and New Dems.

We are all seeing first hand what the rise of the Nazis must have looked like to the German people. There must have been a whole bunch of Germans horrified about what was happening but we never hear much about them. Although we are in better shape than they were and can see exactly what is going on here, at least those of us who watch the "real" news, the horrors just keep on rolling. Trump has become an emboldened monarch with his very own dynasty surrounding him and nothing is stopping him. He is a criminal extraordinaire who so far has not been held accountable.

Who the hell are all these Trump supporters, anyway? Over 40% of Americans!!!! Deplorable is too kind a word. Our government is being completely wrecked, department by department, and they love it? Maybe the veterans will become a huge force against Trump now that privatizing the VA looks like a new item on the agenda. Republicans appear to think our whole country should be run by oligarchs. They clearly are not in favor of democracy and are fine with cheating to keep in power.

Way to go, Trump, or should I say President Spanky.

At 7:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Again, inevitable given the lesser evilism escalator we've eagerly been riding since 1981.

Who remembers 2010? Does anyone remember the glee that dumbfucktard leftys expressed that the Rs were in the midst of a devastating civil war when the teabaggers made the Nazi party even dumber? To whom were they servile? McTurtle, ryan, cruz and the usual others. Did that destroy anything?

What it did and does is make a horrible party worse.

And why is that?

Democraps are just as worse, moving right at breakneck speed, pushing the Nazis to keep ahead of them to give their stupid white male base the mirage of being different than the democrap oligarchy.

Trump isn't a cause. it's an effect. it's a symptom.

The cause is us/US... voters... too stupid to see what's in front of us every day/month/year/cycle/decade. We are all Kansans ratfucking ourselves with every vote we cast, whether well-meant or meant to make swastikas our new meme.

At 12:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still expect both corrupt faces of the Big Money Party to split. Then, each part of each former "party" will square off in a battle to maintain the donation pipeline. It's all about the bucks, and We the People be damned.


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