Monday, February 26, 2018

Politicians Who Back The NRA-- Whether Trump And His Republicans Or The DCCC-- Are In For A Bad Time


How much of that was paid in rubles?

Why did Trump's approval ratings fall back to their lowest point ever? Corollary: why are establishment Democrats never seen by most voters as anything better than the lesser of two evils?

Congressional Republicans started getting hopeful that Trump's disapproval numbers had bottomed out and were even starting to turn around. A sucker like Kevin Cramer is giving up his safe North Dakota House seat to try running for the Senate. Now that it's apparent that Trump's toxicity is going to hurt GOP candidates, it's too late for him to change gears again. Yesterday's CNN poll had dismal news for the GOP. Trump's approval is back down to 35%, after it had climbed to 40% after the State of the Union address. It fell to its lowest ever among Republicans-- just 80% approval of their illegitimate "president." His approval among independents is at 35%, a political death sentence. So why is Trump back in the toilet? CNN pointed out that "While the poll was in the field, much of the President's public agenda focused on gun laws, an area where the poll finds Trump earns mostly negative reviews. Just a third of Americans approve of his handling of gun policy, 54% disapprove and another 12% say they have yet to make up their minds. Those who live in gun-owning households give him higher ratings than others: 52% in gun households approve of his work on gun policy; it's 17% among all others."

Tommy Christopher, writing for ShareBlue published a savage interpretation of the Trump ratings collapse, blaming it primarily on his contemptible and jerky, puppet-like reaction to the Parkland massacre.
His initial reaction to the killing of 17 people at a Florida high school was to go into hiding. He then blamed the students and tried to exploit the tragedy for his own benefit.

While grieving loved ones laid one of the slain students to rest, Trump golfed just a few miles away. And his aides called the tragedy a “relief” from the administration’s many scandals.

But even given time to consider his next steps, Trump’s response has only gotten worse.

He used empathy cliff notes at a “listening session” with survivors of gun violence. And he responded by obsessing about arming up to 40 percent of our teachers.

That led to a plunge in Trump’s approval, along with a surge in support for gun control.

...70 percent of Americans expressed overwhelming support for “stricter gun control laws.” That’s the highest percentage since 1993, and fifteen points higher than in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook school shooting.

And 57 percent said they would support a “ban on the manufacture, sale and possession of rifles capable of semiautomatic fire, such as the AR-15.” That goes much further than the assault weapons ban that Republicans allowed to expire in 2004... Trump and the Republicans are standing with the NRA for now. But Trump’s cratering approval numbers prove just how out-of-touch that stance is with the nation.
As we saw yesterday, while corporations are protecting their bottom lines by disassociating from the NRA, tone-deaf politicians (from both parties) are going into extinction mode. The imbeciles at the DCCC are refusing to jettison their most outspoken NRA allies-- like Jeff Van Drew (NJ), Anthony Brindisi (NY) and Ann Kirkpatrick (AZ)-- and will feel the consequences at the ballot box in November.

NRA-Dem Jeff Van Drew didn't want to run but the DCCC talked him into it

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At 5:43 AM, Anonymous Hone said...

I sure hope we hear more about the relationship between Russia and the NRA. It is known that Russian money was flowing into the NRA and went into Trump's campaign. It appears that the NRA is DIRTY and may be associated with collusion. Nice. Way to go!

Actually...maybe the question should shift to who in the Trump campaign was NOT guilty of collusion?

At 6:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's only been 2 weeks. Give it another couple and you'll see it peter out.
Or the feds will tweak things here and there and appease American voters. Or something else will happen and we'll refocus there.
We're stupid and easily duped.

At 6:26 AM, Blogger Chris Roberts said...

It's going to get worse for gop.a huge blue wave is coming thanks to trump.

1994 happened when clinton was at 39/40% approval and 2010 happened when obama was at 45% approval trump is far worse.

i am no fan of mccaskil or progressive who supports bernie sanders is.but things are very bad for gop and it could get worse.people are starting to see tax scam isn't going to help you inless your rich.Trump is idiot and his foot in mouth tweeting is bound to make it worse.

At 7:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We've fallen for this before, Chris Roberts. The DINO-Whigs will manage once again to lose because they still don't understand that the GOP will lie, cheat, and steal to maintain their place in power.

At 11:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris, the wave is NOT blue. It's anti-red. The democraps have done less than nothing to earn any gains they get from the colossal shit-show that is trump.
Or have you forgotten 2008? The democraps didn't earn their opportunity then either. It was the cheney/bush shit-show coupled with the crash... anti-red.

And when the wave is not blue but anti-red, the unearned gains of the democraps will be immediately lost again when (not if) they refuse their mandate. Or have you forgotten 2010 already too?

And it was 1992 and Clinton won in another anti-red wavelet 3-way so his numbers didn't need to be over half. Or did you forget about Perot too? And I suppose you forgot all the wise criticisms of fascism and globalism that Perot wasted on the stupid American electorate too?

Any 2018 wave will be all anti-red. The democraps have DONE less than nothing to earn any wave except be NOT RED. And if they get a majority, they'll fail to earn any continuation of the voters' largesse, just as they did the last times. Or did you forget that the same democraps are running the DxCCs and DNC as those last times.

At 12:59 PM, Blogger Chris Roberts said...

it is anti-trump wave.i am enemy of establishment.after 2016 i am indy not dem but reality is dems will benefit in 18 to anti trump wave.that is why we need as many progressives as possable to win primarys.

perot was right on is reason why i supported bernie over clinton.


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