Sunday, February 25, 2018

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


by Noah

Yeah, right, Mr. Trumpanzee. Those NRA people you praise in your childish single-digit IQ tweets are "Great People," just like those nazis who marched in Charlottesville and so vocally support you and the rest of your sicko party are "very fine people."

Only in the minds of the truly demented and insane are merchants of death who attack innocent victims "Great People." But, let's take a deeper look at what's behind this tweet: Trumpanzee has announced that he is strongly in favor of arming the nation's teachers. It's no coincidence that that idea is also the NRA's, whose primary reason for existence is to represent the "needs" of the corporate gun manufacturers. Trumpanzee sees arming teachers as the "solution" to the mass shooting problem. Hell, the NRA doesn't even view mass shootings as a problem but as an opportunity. That's why the plan to arm teachers is actually their idea. Trumpanzee is just falling in line, and falliing in line with a perverted purpose. That's also why the NRA's immediate jack-booted response to any concerns about the proliferation of war weapons throughout every city, town, and village in America, is a reaction of anger, fear and total lunatic rhetoric about gun confiscation and socialism, although what socialism has to do with any of this is hidden to the rational mind.

Whether it's arming all 700,000 teachers in our country or even just 20% of them, the potential for additional tragedy is plain as day to the sentient brain. Trumpanzee talks about training the teachers. That sounds nice, but what weapon will teachers have? Will they have their very own AR-15? No, Trumpanzee is yapping about "concealed carry." Swell, a handgun against an AR-15. Who do you think wins that one? It's not much better than the proverbial "bringing a knife to a gunfight." My first reaction to Trumpanzee's (the NRA's) idea was that it would be like attempting to cut down a tree in your backyard with a straightrazor.

Even trained police officers miss with most of their shots. Adrenaline has a really bad effect on one's aim. Getting a high score on a target range is nowhere near the same as shooting in a life and death situation; life and death for you, the gun-firing madman, and the panicked students you are hoping to protect. And, suppose you are a member of a swat team that's been sent to a school: What are the chances that you might shoot the first person you see with a gun? What if that's the math teacher or baseball coach? Then, of course, there are those times when a student gets in a heated argument with a teacher or a fellow student. What could go wrong there?

But, remember what I said about the NRA's mission to be an advocate for the gun manufacturers. The sale of tens if not hundreds of thousands of guns to teachers will be a major windfall to them. Then add in the stone cold fact that the NRA's other business is buying politicians. The kickbacks coming to Trump and his party for making this idea happen will grow the cycle of graft enormously. It's another republican cash grab. Just like their tax scam will eventually amount to taking money out the pockets of the 99%, this plan might as well be a plan to steal money off of the bodies of dead and wounded students and teachers, or whoever the victims of the next mass shooting are. No politician who's been on the take from the NRA is going to want that to stop. Rubio? Cruz? Trump? Ryan? McConnell? None of them. Once they've fed at the trough of the NRA, they not only aren't going to stop. And, they'll be fighting for position to get more.

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At 6:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yet Pelosi and the democraps refuse to impeach.

maybe with a few more from the BA slate, the democraps will have an epiphany and repudiate their 40-year corporate ca$hga$m.

At 5:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe Trump is a secret fan of Al Capp and thinks that if he lets Mammy Yokum treat him like a Kigmy, he'll get a date with Daisy Mae Yokum.

Which do you think will happen first, 6:54?

At 7:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

trump doesn't read... so neither will happen.


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