Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


-by Noah

The big day is here everybody! Happy Halloween! Of course, by everybody, I don't mean rightwing fake Christians. I know they don't like Halloween. They don't like to say "Happy Halloween." They don't even say "Happy Holiday". WTF! They look down on us for saying "Happy Halloween." It's some sort of political correctness or, should I say, religio-correctness kind of thing; something to do with witches or Satan, or something. Hell, the Christian wacko element has been engaging in their "War On Halloween" for a very, very long time, but that never stops me. So, I say it again. Happy Halloween! Happy Halloween! And again, Happy Halloween! Up yours Christonuts!

About today's meme: It's a picture of what is called a Trumpkin. Trumpkins are very big this year. People all around the country have been carving their pumpkins to look just like that fat-faced orange fascist freak who's infesting the White House. It's too easy. All you need is a knife and a pumpkin.

Some patriotic Americans have even left their Trumpkins out in front of their houses with signs that invite bratty neighborhood kids to blow them up with cherry bombs. I didn't do that but I did leave mine out on the front steps. The most interesting thing that's happened to it is not that spiders, maggots, and worms (all things traditionally associated with Trump) have naturally started to call it home. That hasn't happened, yet, but it will happen if I leave it out too long and the weather stays warm. No, the most interesting thing that has happened to my Trumpkin, so far, is that a raccoon came along and peed on it one night. Strangely, I swear I had carved my Trumpkin with sad eyes and a frown, but, ever since that raccoon came along and did what it did, my Trumpkin has the biggest smile and happiest eyes you ever saw. And the raccoon did it for free. Who wouldn't?

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