Monday, October 30, 2017

Distracting From The Distractions That Distract From Other Distractions-- Paul Singer, Rubio And Bannon


Trump-world generates so much hair-on-fire news... how does anyone keep up? For example, I thought Bannon's pledge to Trump on Friday night to destroy GOP billionaire Paul Singer for financing the Steele pee-pee dossier on behalf of Marco Rubio, would be big news today. But then Trump's Kremlin-paid campaign manager Paul Manafort was indicted on 12 charges including "conspiracy against the United States" and Trump campaign advisor George Papadopolous already pled guilty to lying to the FBI about Russian interference.

Singer and his group are the single biggest contributors to the NRSC, so exactly who Bannon wants to cripple in his campaign to replace mainstream Republicans senators with fascists. Singer, a bloodthirsty vulture capitalist preying on misfortune throughout the world, is not exactly a sympathetic figure. After Singer worked to elect Rubio, then derail Trump, he contributed $1 million to Trump's inaugural committee-- money that went straight into Trump's own pockets. From the Axios report that broke the Singer-Bannon story:
Trump loathed Singer during the campaign, when the billionaire was a lead financier of the "Never Trump" movement. But the two made up earlier this year, and Singer has been financially very helpful since Trump won the presidency... Bannon has long despised Singer. In Bannon's worldview, Singer belongs to a "globalist" cabal that favors open borders and includes other bogeymen and bogeywomen such as George Soros and Hillary Clinton. It's also helpful to Bannon that Singer has close ties Mitch McConnell-- the Senate GOP leader whom Bannon is obsessed with destroying.

Breitbart has been obsessing about Singer (and Little Marco) all weekend. Want to wade through this sewage?
5 Times Paul Singer Funded Globalist Nonsense Before the Anti-Trump Dossier
Anti-Trump Dossier Original Funder Paul Singer an Open Borders Establishment Republican Billionaire
Paul Singer-Funded Washington Free Beacon Behind Initial Fusion GPS Trump Effort
The Marco Rubio Connection: Senator Dodges Questions About Megadonor Paul Singer’s Funding of Anti-Trump Research Firm Behind Dossier
And while all this has the media's shared head exploding, Ryan and McConnell are moving to deliver on the one thing that keeps them glued to Trump: tax cuts for the billionaires (like Singer). As we pointed out on Sunday, the billionaires are threatening the abandon Trump and the GOP if they don't deliver the promised mammoth tax cuts. Ryan will unveil his final-- ever-changing-- plan on Wednesday. Ryan has been begging Trump to stop with all the twitter-feuds and distractions and just focus on the most important thing in the GOP universe: tx cuts for the rich. Trump, though, is heading for Asia for the early 2 weeks of the debate about some extremely controversial issues that the GOP needs his bold-faced lying for. They want him to keep repeating the Big Lie that the tax cuts will promote economic growth and jobs for Americans.

Ironically, when Ryan was asked if he worries that Trump will screw up the tax roll-out and tweet something insane that will blow up the whole project, Ryan's immediate response was "He’s going to be in Asia."

Key issues Ryan doesn't want Trump meddling in include the way the GOP is changing retirement planning by phasing out 401 (k) accounts, ending federal tax deductions for state and local taxes and mucking around the mortgage deductions. Trump admitted that the Republican plans are to use these popular programs as "bargaining chips." And while Trump blunders around he says if Ryan and McConnell can't get something passed-- he doesn't care what it is as long as it eliminates the estate tax-- they'll get the blame. "I’m not going to blame myself, I’ll be honest," he said oddly (since he's never honest... about anything... ever.)

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At 1:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Playing the board game Monopoly, when one player has all of the money, the game can't continue. So why is it that all of these "smart" money men can't see that by bankrupting the majority of the population into impoverishment, the NATION can't continue?

Without the nation, their wealth has no value, because no one would accept it in trade for goods and services. But then, since greed is a mental illness, would it not figure that destroying one's status would fit the illness?


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