Friday, September 08, 2017

It Was As Easy For Gil Cisneros To Switch Party ID As It Was For Him To Liposuction His Appearance


Republican Frito-Lay's potato chip taster Gil Cisneros won $266 million in a lottery and decided he should have his own congressional seat. So he switched parties and "became" a Democrat and Nancy Pelosi looked at the only qualification she ever considers for anyone ever running for Congress-- access to cash-- and anointed him a DCCC candidate. She offered him CA-39, a district not remotely like the millionaires' beach town, Newport Coast, he lives in, in his $10 million mansin, in another Orange County district. Since Pelosi took control of the DCCC in 2003, Democrats have lost scores of seats, but you know what they've gained? There are triple the number millionaires in Pelosi's Democratic caucus as there were before she decided that self-funding was the key qualification for a Democratic nomination-- a test that results in candidates like Cisneros, the poster child for 2018 DCCC recruitment.

Cisneros is a lot like Trump. He's incapable of talking without lying. He constantly tells audiences he switched to the Democratic Party many years ago. (He told the L.A. Times. his switch was in 2008.) But the Orange County Register looked up his voting records and saw that he didn't re-register as a Democrat until 2015. He's a liar. When talking in front of progressive activists he claims he supported Bernie during the primary. But during the primary he contributed $250,000 to Hillary and gave nothing at all to Bernie. When called out for lying, he claimed his wife gave the money to Hillary. A further check though shows that his wife gave separately from his wife; she gave to Hillary too.

Meanwhile, Cisneros is running around writing checks to every crooked group and ethics-free elected official who will endorse him; really corrupt and another reason while people are becoming more and more turned off to the Democratic Party. And where will a guy like Cisneros-- with no core values at all-- be when he gets to Congress and starts being pushed by lobbyists?

Cisneros was happy to go on Fox News recently-- where he didn't try his "I was for Bernie: lie. Instead he talked about his potato chip-tasting days adoring Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan? Yep; that's what Pelosi, the increasingly the mad Democratic Party leader, trying to saddle the House caucus with. Peter Doocy:
One of Rep. Ed Royce’s Democratic challengers is Gil Cisneros, a Navy veteran and Mega-Millions lottery winner, who has one other line that stands out on his resume: he used to be a Republican, because he was a fan of former President Ronald Reagan.

“This city on a hill is how he saw the nation, and I kind of saw it the same way,” Cisneros explained. “But he was for things that now, that the Republican Party’s not for. And they’ve changed.”
Sadly, Gil Cisneros will be part of Nancy Pelosi's political epitaph.

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At 5:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wrong. Pelosi's epitaph will be a quote: "impeachment is off the table".

If some civilization survives our tire fire of an empire, it'll recognize that quote as a pure admission of evil.


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