Thursday, August 17, 2017

Charlottesville: Trump's Very Fine People


It's absolutely crucial to watch the video above to get an understanding about who the "alt-right"-- the American neo-Nazi movement Trump has been equivocating about-- is, and what happened in Charlottesville and why it happened. It wasn't a "both sides" kind of thing that Bannon has Trump saying it was. Hundreds of the Nazis descended on Charlottesville, heavily armed and filled with anti-semitism, racism and intense feelings on inadequacy and victimhood. They were looking for attention for their movement-- and for excitement and a sense of belonging... justifications for pointless, brutish, failed lives.

This is Steve Bannon's wing of the Republican Party that Republicans in Congress are horrified by but reluctant to admit is an inherent part of Trumpism. This could happen in your town too-- and Bannon wants you to know that... just in case you have any ideas about removing Trump from office. This is the threat. Here's how a small city in Bavaria, Wunsiedel-- where Nazi Rudolph Hess was born and buried-- successfully got rid of their neo-Nazi problem starting in 2014. The folks in the town decided to start contributing money to anti-fascist organizations for every step the neo-Nazis took in their marches through their city. They were welcomed to the town as part of a Nazis Against Nazis walkathon. The more the Nazis marched, the more money "they" raised for anti-Nazi organizations.

This morning Trumpanzee was up and tweeting his disdain for America-- maliciously pouring gasoline of the fire. FDR famously said he welcomes the hatred of the predatory banksters. Trump seems to welcome the hatred of the American people. Or is he just trying to push the adults in his regime out with tweets like this? I wonder if this is enough for Paul Ryan to finally denounce him and allow the resolution of censure to come to the floor.

Oh, and that spokesman for the Nazis in the Vice video in Charlottesville up top... the one who just couldn't stop running his foul, ugly mouth... he posted a followup clip on YouTube yesterday, poor widdle snowflake... but ultimately, this is Trumpanzee himself and every single Trump supporter rolled up into one:

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