Sunday, July 02, 2017

Don't Get Suckered By More Republicans Pretending To Run For Office As Democrats


Kellen Squire (Confused-VA) claims he's a Democrat & that his brand of Blue Dogism will save the party-- and that Bernie is "goofier than a pet goat"

Rob Bell is about as far right as Republicans in Virginia get-- and that's pretty far right. And, so is his General Assembly district-- VA-58, which includes Greene County (Trump 62.5%; Hillary 30.8%) and parts of Albemarle, Fluvanna and Rockingham Counties, but neither Grounds nor the City of Charlottesville. He's been in the House of Delegates since 2001, reelected every 2 years. Generally, Democrats don't even bother challenging him-- unopposed in 2011, 2013 and 2015. In 2009 the Democrat who ran, Cynthia Neff took 8,948 votes, almost 10,000 less than Bell's 18,402. This year the Democrats are running someone against Bell-- or at least someone pretending to be a Democrat, Kellen Squire. He describes himself as "an unapologetic rural Blue Dog," but reading through his online history, it's pretty clear he's just an opportunistic Republican who sees an opportunity to take advantage of the growing anti-Trump tsunami. He admits on his Facebook page that "Sadly, this is an accurate portrayal of much of the leadership in the Republican Party, and why I left them behind." He didn't say when he left them behind, only that he agrees with Democrats on some issues and disagrees with Democrats on other issues.

He doesn't talk much about issues, just about being a nurse, though I don't think he's a nurse the way RoseAnn DeMoro of National Nurses United is a nurse. This one is an anti-Choice fanatic. Instead he claims his brand of conservatism is going to save the Democratic Party. He compares progressives to the Tea Party that practically destroyed, he says, his beloved GOP. He likes talking about how he's pro-gun and anti-Choice and how voter ID-- Republican shorthand for voter suppression. His description of Bernie: "goofier than a pet goat." Sounds perfect for the Democratic Establishment that has so blurred the party's brand that garbage like Kellen Squire can call themselves Democrats and get away with it.

Although he's tried to clean up his website, originally he wrote on it that "I'm fervently and unashamedly pro-life. If it were up to me, I'd advocate for the addition of a plank to the Democratic party platform that we eliminate abortion in the Commonwealth of Virginia as soon as possible." You want that as an elected official of the Democratic Party? How about, "My idea of gun control is pretty simple-- you control your gun, I'll control mine. Gun control-- right? But, seriously, I'm an unabashed supporter of the Second Amendment. Like it or not, we have a Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, which the government must ensure."

He's told the local press that he decided to run as a Democrat because his opponent Bell is a Republican. He's the opposite of the kind of candidate Democrats should be electing, regardless of how "red" the district is. He should probably be primarying Bell if he doesn't like him. Needless to say, people are falling for his Republican-lite centrist claptrap. After all, he constantly uses his big brood of children as props in his political outreach, I've seen what happens when people like Kellen Squire get into office. You wind up with people like Joe Lieberman and Blanche Lincoln eventually destroying the agenda from within and wrecking the party in such a way that young voters start to say, "what's the difference?" The morons running Run For Something may not be aware there is one-- they endorsed Squire-- but there is and, as long as economic royalists are allowed to prey on the working class, there always will be. The Virginia Democratic Party would be better off going back to running no one against Bell than spending a dime to help Squire. Primary election day was June 13; it was uncontested-- just Squire... so there's no actual Democrat even running in November.

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At 7:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

DWT, YOU seem to be the one being suckered.

For 37 years now, the democraps have been chasing the republicans on their rightward sprint to Nazi Germany. What more proof does one need that the democraps just need to be killed off for good? It's bad enough when the country is run by a single money party that is somewhere middle-adjascent. It's quite another thing today when both sides are flirting with despotic rule and near-total repudiation of the constitution and settled law.

This is Pelosi/scummer's strategery for remaining relevant, if not in an actual majority. All you have to be is relevant and corporations and billionaires will slather you with green forever.

So, yeah. don't get suckered any more. Find a different party. Dem never again.

At 5:28 AM, Anonymous Hone said...

Never Give Up, Anonymous above. The Democratic Party needs to be pushed, forced, back to being a worker party by the voters. As things get worse and worse in our country, let's be optimistic that it will occur.

Let's see what happens with Bryce in Wisconsin. The impact of the Republicans and Trump must be really felt before the gulf of the people take a progressive stand. This will be very unfortunate for people's health care, the environment, education, and many other aspects. Health care is the biggie as it is so personal and immediate. Maybe the best thing that could happen is that a lousy bill will pass. Then maybe people will give a damn enough to vote these horrors out of office. The Dems must go for Medicare for all, reducing student debt, etc. Then they would win overwhelmingly. I am hopeful the Dems will be forced into taking these progressive positions. Pelosi and her ilk need to go.

At 6:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hone, you must open your eyes. Voters have been voting for democraps' words and ignoring their misdeeds and corruption for nearly 4 decades now.
Begs the usual question: "How's it working out for you so far?"

Clinton/Rubin led DIRECTLY to cheney/bush AND 2008. Cheney/bush was really bad so that led to... obamanation who said nice words but normalized aggressive war, torture, bank fraud, corporate health care denial for profit, a neo-Nazi coup in Ukraine, drone murders, austerity and a hundred other evils. On his FINEST hours, he decided to heed the british house of commons and did NOT invade Syria and he did not get in the way of states/courts granting marriage equality, which he had been clearly against before.
Obamanation and the current democrap leadershit led directly the drumpfsterfire and his heir jesus h. pence who hates gays and women more than blacks... but that's ok with the third of America who hates blacks and latinos most.

The drumpfsterfire may lead to another placeholder D admin or house (not senate) but Pelosi/scummer won't allow MFA and also love war, torture, drone murder, bank fraud, for-profit prisons, total immunity for billionaires, TBTF and so on because of all the money they get from them all.

And nobody in power will ever make voting fair, verifiable and secure just in case either side wants/needs to cheat to prevent another Bernie type insurgency again.

If Bryce wins, which is highly unlikely, he'll be impotent to do anything because he's a democrap. Within that party, Pelosi dictates what is and is not voted on. Not Bryce.

At 9:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, Dear Anonymous One, I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that you are white. You may be able to afford to look for a different Party, people of colour don't have that luxury.

Only one party is working to help POC, or poor people of any colour. Only one party is trying to keep and expand voting rights and women's rights.

I'm not a Democrat but I vote with them. Otherwise you're voting for the Republican Party.

But...if I lived in VA, I might be tempted to vote for the Republican who is at least honest about who he is rather then vote for Squire.

Squire reminds me of the politician in Stephen King's book "The Stand". I don't think it's safe to even elect him to the position of dog catcher.

At 9:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How many readers have rewarded Kellen Squires with donations at that blog? Plenty, because people have short attention spans or don't care. I looked and found Squires getting called out periodically to deal with issues he’s running on, he always responds with spectacular gish gallop. In his mind (like Donald Trump) Kellen Squires thinks he alone can save democrats in Virginia.

At 5:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

9:49, you are living in a dreamworld. Google crosscheck and know that your hero, obamanation and his democraps, didn't do dick about it.
For profit prisons and the mushrooming numbers of POCs sentenced to long time for little? Obamanation and the Clintons and the democraps didn't do dick... in fact, they aided.
Voting rights? Where were you when the SC nuked LBJ's voting rights act and obamanation and democraps made cricket sounds (not wanting to piss off racist whites in case they might vote for $hillbillary)?

Saying NOT voting for a democrap is just like voting for a R is horseshit. It's horseshit that's been purveyed by the democraps to scare the shit out of hapless rubes so they keep voting against their own interests, only by choosing democraps to do it. You either vote for your interests or you don't. Pick one. But know that democraps do NOT represent nor aide your interests. They only aide the interests of their big donors.

Do you vote FOR or do you vote against your interests? And if there is no difference between red and blue, how can you vote FOR your interests?

Do what you want. But this shit has been going on now for almost 4 decades and we now have our most evil ever admin. How's it working out for you so far??

At 10:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What on earth would make you think Obama is one of my hero's? I'm not even a Democrat. I am very far left of that party. But what are the choices?

How is it all working for me? Well,in the last election there wasn't a big difference for me in the candidates. I'm white and poor. Neither candidate would have improved my life.

For my friends of colour though, their lives have been greatly affected for the worse. I voted FOR their interests.

I will say again that I think you are exhibiting white privilege. You aren't getting what you want so you are taking your ball and going home.

People of colour and women don't have that luxury. Until they do I'm voting for the party that helps them and that's the Democrats, as much as the suck. When there is another viable party to vote for I will.

What are you doing to create or support one? Are you doing anything to support progressive Dems? Are you doing anything to stop Kellen Squire?


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