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Trump, Of Course, Is His Own Worst Enemy, Though That's Getting To Be A Very Competitive Position


Yesterday John Kasich told Marrtha Raddatz that the "coarseness" of the Trumpanzee tweets "is not acceptable." Oh, really? Not acceptable to who? It appears acceptable enough to the 35% of Americans-- Trump's core-- who say they still approve of Trump's performance in office. Oklahoma comedian and writer Amanda Kerri isn't one of them. In an OpEd in The Advocate last month, The Simple Truth on Trump: He's Dumb as Rocks, Kerri concluded that "coarseness" is far from the worst of Trump's many defects. She seems pretty certain, in fact, that El Señor "is probably the dumbest man alive... bright as a one-watt bulb."
Some people have said that if he wasn’t born a millionaire, he would be a used car salesman in Queens. That’s far too generous; he would be selling “Luke Vitton” bags from a card table off Canal Street, because he was the only three-card monte dealer in the city to actually lose because he didn’t know how to throw the cards. He wouldn’t even be worth the beat cop’s effort to chase down the street. Why do I say this? Because that’s about the level that most people with his measure of "savvy" make it. Trump was born with millions of dollars and an army of lawyers to cover his behind, something a two-bit hustler never has. Because of this, this guy has never actually learned from any screw-up of his. Not even to shut up and wait for a lawyer. Seriously, what’s the first thing you’ve ever seen someone getting arrested by the cops say? They always yell, “I want my lawyer!”

The cops are even required by law to give you the Miranda warning: “You have the right to remain silent…” Trump has never figured this out. Every time he’s gone to court, he’s exhausted his opponent with legal gymnastics or settled. The few times he’s testified, he’s gibbered like a hyperactive monkey and ended up spewing some of the most self-incriminating, face palm–inducing garbage you've ever heard. Now that he’s president, he doesn’t even think he needs to listen to advisers to tell him to sit down and shut up.

It’s been leaked that when Trump went to fire FBI director James Comey, Steve Bannon, a man better suited to stripping a house for copper wire than to be a presidential adviser, even told him it was a bad idea to do it right then-- but did Trump listen? Nope. Because he’s simply too thick to realize how awful it was. If Trump really is guilty of colluding with the Russians, you do not fire the guy leading the investigation. Nixon did something similar, and Nixon was a hundred times shrewder than Trump could be even after being hit with cosmic rays and having his intelligence increased a million times. If Trump is innocent, you still don't do it! Because of the optics of it, obviously. Even if you’re not guilty, you sure as hell look guilty now. What’s so sad and pathetic is that anyone who’s watched two or three episodes of Scandal or The West Wing knows this. On top of that, he didn’t tell his own spin doctors he was going to do this, wrote the most guilty-sounding termination letter he could, and the next day met with the Russians in the Oval Office. Somewhere out in some small rural town in the Midwest, a corrupt mayor is watching all of this go down and he can only shake his head and think, What is this amateur bullshit?

When Trump used Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s memo to fire Comey, it was of course revealed that Rosenstein threatened to resign over the fact he was being used at the excuse. Now, review memos and analysis papers are dime a dozen in government, so it really wasn’t that big a deal for him to write one up about Comey’s inept handling of Hillary’s email investigation. You’ll note he never said to fire Comey in that memo either. That’s why I’m not mad at him, and I get why Rosenstein is so mad and made such a naive mistake. Because at the level of deputy attorney general, you don’t expect a move that dumb from your boss. Seriously, at his level, he’s used to terrorists, spies, Wall Street scam artists, and organized crime. There’s no way he was ready to deal with the kind of person who tries to rob a gun store with a toy gun that doesn’t even have the red tip painted over. What’s worse is that just days later Trump went on national TV and said that despite his people insisting it was the memo that caused the firing, he was the one who decided to do it. Trump’s reasoning? Because Comey wouldn’t stop the Russia investigation.

Yes, Trump literally confessed to interfering with a criminal investigation on national television. A criminal investigation he’s potentially involved in. Somewhere out there, there’s a guy sitting in jail because he called 911 to report someone had stolen his drugs, thinking this is some straight bullshit. Yet there he is, still sitting in office, and just this week it was revealed Trump gave away classified info to those same Russians who came to visit him the day after he fired the FBI director. Oh, and then the bombshell that he actually asked Comey in February to drop the investigation into alleged Russian stooge/former national security adviser Mike Flynn. Guess Trump forgot about that tidbit when he canned Comey or figured his disgruntled former employee would just let it go.
A friend of mine in Congress used to be in business with Trump's bankruptcy lawyer. The guy told him that Trump was his own worst enemy. If the lawyer told him-- on the way to court-- "no matter what happens, never, never, never say xyz," as soon as the judge would say to Trump, "please state your name," Trump would belch out, "Let's get right to the heart of the matter and not waste any time-- xyz." The world's greatest negotiator? I don't think so. This Sunday morning tweet shows what a sick man he is-- and how unfit to be president. Now we all have to ask ourselves if we'll even vote for anyone running for Congress who doesn't pledge to impeach him!



At 11:37 PM, Blogger shooter said...

“He’s dumb as rocks……….”

And yet, with tons more money, decades more experience, and years of planning & preparation, the brilliant Democrats managed to lose the election to this wretched human growth. Now, I’m not saying that this makes Trump smart. But, I am asking that if the Democrats lost the election to a man who’s,“dumb as rocks,” what does this say about the Democrats' intelligence?

At 12:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We may insist that "sick," as a personal characteristic, should preclude one from the US presidency.

But to suggest that His Hairness is uniquely "sick" simply ignores the majority of those who have held the office in the last ~70 years. (I limit myself to that period only because it is those examples with whom I am most familiar. I don’t expect a lack of qualifiers from earlier periods of our nation, that built on the pillars of genocide, slavery and increasingly predatory capitalism)

To these add, quacks on their cabinets, their advisers and their major donors. This cycle the GOP KKKlown KKKar of would-be nominees "debated" relative winkie sizes and the general election campaign was base largely on gender anatomy differences.

Don't forget the VAST majority of congress and profoundly depraved members of the judiciary. Then there are the police who murder 12-year olds in the streets and are exonerated by the media which immediately, unanimously, and breathlessly, reveals why the victims deserved what they got.

At the moment I don't have the time nor the stomach to add any more details ... beyond 1) the recurrent mass murders of individual citizens by individual citizens and 2) devoting half of discretionary spending to a global, perpetual war machine then acting like the innocent victim when we experience retaliation.

A sick society breeds sick leaders. It would be more productive to explore why the society itself is so profoundly sick rather than to magically assume that the disappearance of a current, sick president would bring a substitute any less so or substantively change anything in the society at large.

John Puma

At 6:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

JP, you make a great point. But he's not only sick, he's stupid and pure evil.

So he really does reflect American society as a whole.

In a yin-yan thing, society and the leadershit they insist on are chasing each other around the toilet bowl. We'll either finish the flush some time soon or some really big turd will cause the sewage to cover the floor.

I'm seeing pence as that really big turd. Could be trump. could be someone else, maybe even a D. Soon.


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