Monday, December 26, 2016

What Are The Odds That Trump Blunders Into A Major Middle East War?


Israel's friends? Really?

The American right— from right-wing Democrats like Joe Manchin to the National Review and Weekly Standard to fire-breathing assholes like Ted Cruz, Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin and, of course, el President-elect Señor Trumpanzee— is melting down over the relatively benign UN Security Council resolution that went un-vetoed by the Obama Administration. Texas defunder, Ted Cruz, said that he will make sure the UN doesn’t;’t get any more American money unless they reverse the decision. The vote was 14-0 to tell Israel to stop stealing Palestinian land for Israeli settlements in the Occupied territories.

Over in Israel, however, not everyone feels the same was Trump ands Cruz do. Haaretz ran an OpEd by Gideon Levy that was very different from Netanyahu’s stand. He called the resolution “a gust of good news, a great of hope in the sea of darkness and despair of recent years.”
Just when it seemed that everything was going downhill – the deepening occupation increasingly supported by America, with Europe galloping to the right – along came a Hanukkah resolution that lights a thin candle. When it seemed that the evil ones would remain victorious, along came New Zealand and three other countries and gave the world a Christmas gift.

So thanks to New Zealand, Venezuela and Malaysia. True, the Christmas tree they’ve supplied, with all its sparkling lights, will soon be removed; Donald Trump is already waiting at the gate. But the imprint will remain. Until then, this temporary rejoicing is a joy, despite the expected hangover.

We of course must ask U.S. President Barack Obama in fury: Now you’re doing something? And we must ask the world in frustration: What about actions? But it’s impossible to ignore the Security Council decision that rules that all the settlements are illegal by nature.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu can call back his ambassadors, while his right-hand minister Yuval Steinitz can shriek that the resolution is “unfair.” (He has a sense of humor.) And opposition leader Isaac Herzog can babble that “we need to fight the decision with all means.” But there isn’t a person in the world with a conscience who won’t rejoice over the resolution.

There also isn’t a decent Israeli who must fall for the propaganda that calls the resolution “anti-Israeli,” a definition that the Israeli media rushed to adopt – with its characteristic slavishness, of course.

This decision has brought Israel back to the solid ground of reality. All the settlements, including in the territories that have been annexed, including in East Jerusalem of course, are a violation of international law. In other words, they are a crime. No country in the world thinks otherwise. The entire world thinks so – all Israel’s so-called friends and all its so-called enemies – unanimously.

Most probably the tools of brainwashing in Israel, along with the mechanisms of repression and denial, will try to undermine the decision. But when the United States, Britain, France, China and Russia unite in such a clear statement, this will be difficult work.

So you can say “the entire world is against us.” You can scream “anti-Semitism!” You can ask “What about Syria?” In the end this clear-as-crystal truth will remain: The world thinks that the settlements are a crime. All the settlements and all the world.

True, the world doesn’t lift a finger to have the settlements removed, but maybe one day this will happen. Still, it will be too late by then, too late.

Resolution 2334 artificially distinguishes between Israel and the settlements in that it is aimed at the settlements, not the occupation. As if the guilt of Amona were on its settlers and not all Israelis. This deception proves how much the world continues to treat Israel with leniency and hesitates to takes steps against it, as it did with Russia’s conquest of Crimea, for example.

But Israelis who don’t live in Amona, who have never been there, who have no real interest in its fate – it seems most Israelis – have to ask themselves: Is it really worth it? All this for a few settlers they don’t know and don’t really want to know?

Resolution 2334 is meant above all for Israeli ears, like an alarm clock that makes sure to wake you up on time, like a siren that tells you to go down to the bomb shelter. True, the resolution has no concrete value; true, the new U.S. administration promises to erase it.

But two questions won’t let up: Why don’t the Palestinians deserve exactly the same thing that Israelis deserve, and how much can one country, with all its lobbying power, weapons and high-tech, ignore the entire world? On this first day of both Hanukkah and Christmas, we can enjoy, if only for a moment, the sweet illusion that Resolution 2334 will rouse these questions in Israel.
I hope someone asks Trump or Ted Cruz or Lindsey Graham… oh, and Chuck Schumer.

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At 6:53 AM, Anonymous Hone said...

And our new tangerine Prez will have his tiny fingers on that nuke button. And he is so impulsive and thoughtless of the ramifications of anything he says or does. And he thinks he can bully anyone he pleases. And he can create reality. Oy vey.

At 7:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone else remember der fuhrer being interviewed by that "Meet the Press" shill and saying we will put boots on the ground in Syria, take the oil (apparently from Iraq, but maybe Iran too) and make lots of money?

This is a greedy, evil simpleton. Dick Cheney without a filter.

We're not going to STUMBLE into another illegal war. We're going to jump in yelling "Geronimo" and will be the (first and) second nation to deploy nukes as soon as it amuses the idiot.

And the demographic that elected that pos will raise their right arm and shout "sig heil".

At 7:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haaretz is too alone to make a difference. It is a legacy of a reasonable Israel that is now almost gone.

At 5:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The odds of Herr Hair blundering into a NEW Middle East war are no higher than HRC having done so ... ON PURPOSE.?

John Puma

At 7:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good point John. $hillbillary is probably MORE certain to have initiated another major war boondoggle.


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