Thursday, July 14, 2016

Patrick Murphy's Algae Bloom Crisis Of Character


At the behest of Wall Street, Schumer and the Democratic Party establishment have poured everything it's got into bolstering Patrick Murphy's pathetic Senate campaign-- even to the point of attempting the smear and destroy progressive icon Alan Grayson and his career. Schumer went so far as to threaten Bernie Sanders' hoped-for committee chairmanship if he did anything to help Grayson win the primary. Nonetheless, yesterday's poll from Quinnipiac showed Rubio beating Murphy 50-37% and-- with all the sabotage and public pummeling from Schumer and Reid-- beating Grayson by nearly as much.

And Murphy just keeps stumbling over himself, careening from one public relations catastrophe to another, unable to stop feeding Rubio and the NRCC a daily dose of ammunition to destroy him with. Yesterday, the big political news in Florida was Murphy's less-than-rookie move in asking Governor Rick Scott's administration to delay news about relief for businesses affected by the toxic algae crisis so he could announce it at a news conference." Maybe Murphy was drunk again and forgot that he and Scott aren't still in the same party. Scott loudly turned down his request, making Murphy look like the self-serving worm he is. Wednesday Scott announced the Small Business Administration had opened a "Business Recovery Center" in Stuart to help businesses affected the algal blooms and other issues releated to Lake Okeechobee, before Murphy could recover from his morning hangover.

How typical of Murphy-- the House's most unaccomplished member-- to run to the front of a parade, trip all over himself, and desperately and unsuccessfully try to appear to have been leading it? It's his legislative trademark, if he has a legislative trademark. What makes it even sicker, is that the nexus of Florida's algae bloom disaster his in his own congressional district snd while the hard work was being done to combat it, Murphy was on his family's mega-yacht, Cocktails, wooing campaign fat cats off Nantucket. Despite Murphy's p.r. stunt, the SBA office is now open and giving short-term, low-interest Economic Injury Disaster Loans to businesses impacted by the algae bloom in Lee, Martin, Palm Beach and St. Lucie counties. Murphy's request would have meant the center wouldn't have opened until today or Monday. The bumbling idiot actually made Rick Scott look like a humanitarian!

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At 3:59 PM, Anonymous Exit 135 said...

"...Critics said it was "sickening" that Murphy would delay news of the 9 a.m. Wednesday opening of the Business Recovery Center at the Martin County Fairgrounds so he could announce it Thursday at the Lagoon Action Day panel discussion and new conference he organized on Capitol Hill"....

Email chain between Murphy's office, The U.S. Small Business Administration, The Business Recovery Center, and The Florida Division of Emergency Management at the link below.

At 12:05 PM, Anonymous exit 135 said...

Photos of the level 4 toxic algae spreading in Patrick Murphy's congressional district.
The Senate is in recess. Murphy and the House are useless.
This ecological disaster is getting worse.
July 2016 has been the hottest month on record in South Florida.
Caution: Photos are disgusting.


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