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I'm Guessing Every Berniecrat Seeking Office Will Follow Bernie Into The Hillary Camp Now


I'm guessing few Bernie supporters will dance to the siren calls of the orange-faced racist, xenophobic, misogynystic sociopath no matter how many times he waves an anti-TPP banner at them. Some may vote for Jill Stein-- or even Gary Johnson-- but I suspect Hillary's going to get upwards of 80% of their votes, perhaps 90%, especially if Bernie really does campaign vigorously for her and if she doesn't go out of her way to remind everyone what a corporatist shill she is at heart, although I suppose picking an egregiously bad running mate could drive more people away from her.

Now, what about the candidates who are running on Bernie's platform? So far I'm seeing 100% of them following him into her camp-- albeit some with more enthusiasm than others. The primary runoff in Oklahoma's 5th district pits dedicated Berniecrat Tom Guild against some establishment hack. Last night Tom told us he will encourage his own supporters to vote for Hillary. "I’m disappointed that Bernie will not be the Democratic nominee," he said. "He is the candidate closest to my views. Bernie ran the race of a lifetime and fell just short of victory. Bernie has endorsed Secretary Clinton. He feels that progress has been made in the Democratic Platform on many of the issues crucial to Working People and the American Middle Class. I respect and trust Bernie and his proven leadership. Based on his recommendation I will support Secretary Clinton for president in the November general election." Bao Nguyen's election, in Orange County, CA, will be determined in November and his posture was very similar to Tom's. "I couldn't be more proud to have endorsed Bernie Sanders for president," the Garden Grove mayor told us. "Bernie has awakened great possibilities in our country with a political movement driven by the American people. It's not about any one of us, but all of us, together. I'm committed to the movement and I join Bernie in endorsing Hillary."

The congressional primary in Washington is August 2, just a bit over 2 weeks away. The first candidate Bernie endorsed for Congress this cycle was state Sen. Pramila Jayapal, for years a crusading a fiery reformer. I'd like to share a statement she made, endorsing Hillary on the heals of Bernie's own statement this week.
Last August, after I met with Sen. Bernie Sanders for the first time, I wrote an op-ed that concluded with something that still seems deeply relevant today: “ [Our work] is bigger than any one presidential candidate. It’s as big as all of us. Regardless of who is elected president in 2016, we all… have to hold the collective space for movement-building together. It’s the only way we move forward.”

I cannot be prouder of my early endorsement for Senator Bernie Sanders. I supported Bernie for President because I was inspired by his consistent, vocal platform for decades on economic inequality, corporate influence into our democracy, and election reform. In our conversation, I found him to be deeply thoughtful about the intersection of economic, racial, and social justice. He inspired millions of people to participate in our democracy. Issues like Medicare for All, college affordability, expanding Social Security and Medicare, and ending the prison industrial complex, have become a part of the national discourse. Bernie has helped people from all walks of life name the unfairness that hits too many Americans in their pocketbooks, daily lives, and hearts. He has pushed for policies that benefit working people across America and not the wealthiest few. Equally important, he helped people see the power we each have when we engage with our democracy and work together to change what is unjust. I give heartfelt thanks to Bernie Sanders for his incredible vision, energy, and truth-telling, and for now again helping to unify the Democratic party around a common vision.

Out of this Democratic primary process, we have done what democracy is supposed to do: engage our country in a real discussion about the most important issues facing working families across America. Together, we achieved real wins on what is now the most progressive Democratic Party platform in decades. For the first time, we have a public commitment for a $15 minimum wage, tuition-free college, breaking up of big banks, criminal justice reform, Native American rights, and a public option in healthcare. These are huge wins that simply would not have been possible without our movement. But our work will not be done until we turn those principles into law, which means winning the White House and continuing to take back our Congress.

We now have a chance to write the next chapter of the progressive movement. When I endorsed Sen. Sanders back in September, I also said that if Hillary Clinton was the Democratic nominee, I would throw my support behind her and work for her to become President.

That is why today, I am proud to announce that I am endorsing Hillary Clinton for President.

Hillary Clinton shares many of the same values that I do-- that all progressives do. She has been a longtime champion of issues that are near and dear to my heart: a woman’s right to have control over her own body, gun reform, and health care for all. She has tremendous experience in a number of roles, including as U.S. Senator and Secretary of State, and she has shattered glass ceilings again and again against a gender-biased media and society. As a proud feminist and someone who has fought my whole life for equality and justice on every level, I will proudly join forces with President Hillary Clinton to continue these battles every day on behalf of women, men, and working families here and around the world. On the issues where we differ, I will continue my track record of taking principled stands and seek to find common ground even when it appears impossible.

The threats to our country of a Donald Trump presidency cannot be understated. As an immigrant woman of color, this is personal and universal. I am horrified by the racism, xenophobia, homophobia and fear that Republican nominee Donald Trump has been drumming up. Donald Trump represents none of those values that we as progressives hold dear. Trump is a bully, pure and simple, and comes from a place of greed and selfishness. Trump ridicules women for sport and wears his bigotry as a badge of honor. Frankly, a Trump presidency scares the hell out of me. We simply cannot let Donald Trump become President or even get close to that office. We cannot let him appoint our next Supreme Court nominee, because it is clear he will have no compunction in appointing a Justice that subscribes to his hateful vision for our country-- and will undermine every core principle of Democratic values. Our defeat of Trump’s candidacy must be overwhelming-- or we continue to provide encouragement to the forces of hate that he has unleashed.

As a movement, I believe we must unite behind a bold, progressive agenda for the long-term. After decades of work on the outside as an activist taking on the Bush Administration for civil liberties abuses when few others were doing so, helping to establish a $15 minimum wage in Seattle, standing up for labor unions and against unfair trade agreements, I am running for Congress now because I believe people like you and me can and must work from the outside and inside to move that agenda forward.

I am deeply committed to the work ahead of us within the Democratic party, and I intend to continue the movement we have started all the way to Congress. If we can win, you can be sure that I will continue to do what I have done for the past 25 years. I will fight for justice for working families and for a democracy that responds to the voices of all of us.

In a country that has so much hopelessness and fear today, a country wracked by violence and grief, I call up the faces and the voices of those who may seem to have the least power but bring the most courage to the table, women and men that I have worked with for decades on the struggle for justice.

We owe it to ourselves and to this country-- built on flawed structures but an awe-inspiring vision-- to continue our work to achieve a society that offers true opportunity for every single person, regardless of class, race, gender, sexual orientation or any other factor.

I know that each person will have to decide exactly what course to take moving forward. I hope my thinking may be helpful to other Bernie supporters as you make your choice this November. Let’s join together in moving forward our values thoughtfully, with a particular commitment to a principled unity that builds for the short and the longer term.

We’re all counting on each other-- this is OUR movement. Let’s keep building it together.
Peter Jacob is the official Democratic Party candidate for New Jersey's 7th congressional district, a seat currently help by unpopular Republican Leonard Lance. In a statement to his supporters endorsing Hillary, he made it clear that his political stands are based on a package of values and principles rather than on personalities. "Today," he wrote, "Senator Bernie Sanders pledged his support of Secretary Hillary Clinton for President of the United States of America, and our campaign joins in this endorsement. We are ready and enthusiastic to ensure this nation elects its first woman President, while preventing Donald Trump from stepping foot in the White House. Our campaign will continue to be about much more than electing one person to one office, though. While we are elated with the adoption of strict climate change and gender equality language into the Democratic Party’s national platform, we recognize several key differences between our own platform, and that of the DNC, and Secretary Clinton. We will continue to push both the party and Secretary Clinton in a people’s progressive direction on issues such as America-first trade and stemming the tide of globalization, perpetual warfare and inadequate care of our returning veterans, expansion of worker’s unions, immigration, and sweeping criminal justice, financial system, and student debt reform. We will keep fighting to overturn some Supreme Court decisions like Citizens United, place strict regulations on lobbying and political contributions, move towards a publicly-financed electoral system, end the corruptive practice of gerrymandering, and return the power over government to the people of this nation. Healing our democracy will once again enable the United States to be the global leader in solving our most dire problems, and ensure that the safety, security, and freedom of the American Dream will live on for generations to come."

Keith Mundy and Tom Wakely already won their primaries and both are pretty hard core Berni supporters who are now expressing support for Hillary. Mundy who is running for the Ohio seat occupied by Jim Renacci, told us he "will vote for Hillary because it's about the Supreme Court, period. We can't let Trump win the White House. We have worked hard to get to where we are with our Progressive Movement. It's time that we all come together so we can get Democrats elected up and down the ticket. None of us know what Bernie has had to do to make this work for all of us." Similarly, Wakely, the Democrat opposing Texas wing nut Lamar Smith, told us he's "sure many were disheartened when the torchbearer for our movement conceded the race to Secretary Clinton, but our mission is far from complete. Bernie Sanders won 23 contests and received over 13 million votes in this primary. While I understand that a loss is a loss, it's important to understand that this movement far exceeded popular expectations. Knowing how far we've come has personally given me so much hope as I look to unseat Lamar Smith this November. Democrats, non-partisan progressives, and, quite frankly, all the people of this nation share a massive common enemy this fall: Regression. I was fortunate enough to win all 10 counties in my primary and send a clear message that Central Texas is ready to fight for progress in Washington. The vast majority of my constituents would lend a better voice to our people than Lamar Smith, including my primary opponent. He feels the same way, as he's lent resources and ideas to our campaign as we push into the general. I'm thankful that I have the opportunity to lead that fight and I'm thankful for the support that I've received from progressives all the way to Republicans who are looking for true representation. I will always put country before party, the same cannot be said for any Republican willing to stand side by side with Trump. To me this is a call to common sense. This is an acknowledgement that our nation won't go anywhere with Donald Trump, nor will it progress to any reasonable stature under the thumb of Republicans who support their presumptive nominee. I will remain forever thankful to the candidate I endorsed, stay ever vigilant to fight for progress in Texas, and look to grow our movement into a win this November that shatters D.C.'s 'conventional wisdom.'"

Adam Sackrin's Miami-Dade primary is August 30 and if he wins it he'll be taking on Wasserman Schultz's top GOP crony, Ilene Ros-Lehtinen, in the general. He's very dedicated to Bernie and his political revolution:
Similar to what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was able to accomplish for racial justice, Bernie Sanders will forever be the catalyst of #OurRevolution, leader of the progressive movement, and champion of socio-economic-environmental justice for all. His speech yesterday in New Hampshire, where he tactfully congratulated Hillary Clinton for winning "the Democratic nomination process" and gave his endorsement, conjured a lot of emotions. Sadness in defeat, confusion and a feeling of hopelessness, definitely. But also comfort, clarity, and peace of mind. Peace of mind in knowing that the Party of Trump will lose a third consecutive Presidential race in a few months, and won't be nominating any potentially-disastrous Supreme Court Justices anytime soon. Clarity by avoiding a contentious convention and galvanizing support for down-ticket races. And comfort in hearing Bernie tell us himself that he isn't going anywhere, he's going everywhere, and helping the Democratic Party campaign-- and win-- on the most progressive platform in history, and supporting progressive candidates and groups nationwide to keep the fire Bern-ing through 2018, 2020, 2022 and beyond.

The issues facing America, and the bold progressive initiatives we need to take to resolve them, are simply too important to consider staying home or casting a ballot for someone else in defiance. The prosperity of our planet is at stake. Basic human rights and opportunities are at stake. Our very democracy is at stake. Despite her numerous and obvious indiscretions, and our differences, Hillary Clinton is beyond qualified to be our President, and she will likely be very good at the job. Though we wanted Bernie Sanders, and we deserve President Sanders, I am confident that OurRevolution will continue. He will not let it die for nothing, and he will not let them silence us. As long as he's with her, I'm with them. Join us.
The very first congressional Democrat to endorse Bernie was CPC Chairman Raúl Grijalva but he didn't wait for Bernie to endorse Hillary. Last month he did a Facebook post how he saw a a genuine desire for a better, more responsive way of electing our leaders and making policy [based on] a heartfelt conviction that America is ready to live up to its very highest ideals and explaining" and why he would vote for Hillary.
Those ideals are the heart and soul of Bernie’s campaign, and voters have responded to them in a way that goes deeper than mere support for a candidate. The American people, across the board, support sweeping campaign finance reform, universal health care, affordable college access, and a fairer economy that rewards work instead of just wealth. Bernie made this election about those issues and the values behind them. The country is already much stronger for it.

Those issues and those values transcend any one person. This was more than a campaign for the presidency. It is a movement.

With voting completed in the final Democratic Primary, it is now time for the Democratic Party to unify. For all of us who supported Bernie from the beginning, whether we considered ourselves progressives or independents or just Americans tired of being on the outside looking in, the most important thing now is to beat Donald Trump in November. To use a word that’s been thrown around a lot lately, now is the time to unify.

Unity will not be realized if the millions of voters who supported Bernie Sanders feel taken for granted. Our country needs a president who understands why the American people are hungry for something better and more substantial than political trench warfare. That president must be able to channel our hunger into action and our action into results. Tinkering at the margins is no longer an acceptable presidential platform. Hillary Clinton has the capacity and the instincts needed to carry forward what has been started. I support her and will do what I can to help ensure her victory. I firmly believe that her victory will only come when she and the Democratic Party articulate the themes this movement has so powerfully expressed.

Bernie has pointed the way toward a more humane economy, a more peaceful foreign policy and a stronger support network for Americans of all ages. Those will be the centerpieces of Democratic governance for the foreseeable future, and we will owe Bernie a debt of gratitude for it.

It won’t be enough to just accept the merit of his ideas. This is in no small part Bernie Sanders’ party also. His team, his supporters and his movement must-- and will-- be integrated into the future of the Democratic Party at every level. In many ways this is a new entity. The Democrats who won elections twenty years ago by running against marriage equality, avoiding questions about gun violence, blaming poverty on laziness and waffling on the environment are nearly a thing of the past. From now on, Democrats will celebrate Sandersism and channel its energy not just to electoral victory, but to better decisions for the American people.

At some point, every presidential election is called “the most important in a generation.” This one actually merits the description. Winning in November will require standing arm in arm. I’m ready.
All these Bernie Congress candidates can use some help. If you can, please consider contributing to any of them you'd like to see in Congress, by clicking on the thgermometer. This revolution has a long, long way to go:
Goal Thermometer

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At 7:00 AM, Blogger ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

and if she doesn't go out of her way to remind everyone what a corporatist shill she is at heart

I don't need reminding.

A vote for Hillary is a vote for the TPP, TTIP, and TISA. A vote for Israel's vicious apartheid policies. And a vote for bombing foreigners.

It will be Jill Stein (again) for me.

At 12:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If these Berniecrat candidates follow into Hillary's camp, they lose my support. I don't happen to be in a district which any of them will represent, so they already don't get my vote.

At 1:53 PM, Anonymous AntiSpin said...

"Hillary supports health care for all" (Pramilla)

Since when?

The Warwolf of Wall Street will never get a vote from me.

At 4:58 AM, Blogger paintedjaguar said...

You can't be just a little bit pregnant -- can you be only a little bit coopted? Once you've stood up in public and presented Hillary as something she manifestly is not, how much credibility do you have left? Once you've sacrificed a reputation as someone who tells the truth, what separates you from any other pol? Trust is hard to get but easy to lose. Bernie himself has earned a lot of good will -- he gets a pass maybe, but trying to hide behind his coattails isn't a good look for the "Berniecrats". Even Bernie is risking losing any real influence with a lot of his supporters.

At 6:57 AM, Blogger Kaviyaa Raaj said...

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