Saturday, June 11, 2016

Bernie Endorses Another Congressional Candidate-- In Central New York


The Blue America truck-- our mobile billboard-- has been driving the roads and streets and highways of NY-24 since Memorial Day... and will continue right up through New York's congressional primary on June 28. We endorsed Eric Kingson last year and you probably know by now that he was the founder of SocialSecurityWorks and has been key in changing the mind of the Democratic Party from a Paul Ryan austerity point of view-- cuts to benefits-- to expanding Social Security. The Republicans don't call a hearing in the Senate or House on cutting Social Security without the Democrats countering with an expert witness: Eric Kingson.

But Steve Israel and his corrupt conservative cabal at the DCCC judged Eric too "independent minded" and too "progressive" and they recruited two worthless establishment candidates to run against him in the primary, one who's backed by Israel and one who's backed by Schumer-- what an ugly mess for Syracuse! Fortunately, disharmony inside the establishment will only help Eric win the primary.

And so will Bernie. This week, Bernie endorsed him: "Eric Kingson is a new candidate I'm endorsing for Congress in New York," he told his supporters. "I've worked with Eric for years to help stop cuts to Social Security, and our efforts paid off this week when President Obama actually spoke out for expanding Social Security. Eric should continue this progress in Congress."

Eric, a professor at Syracuse University, reminds his supporters that "change never takes place from the top down. It always takes place from the bottom up." He has mobilized a large base in Central New York to beat the 2 establishment Democrats and then to take on the Republican version, Trumpist incumbent John Katko. Please consider helping his grassroots campaign today by tapping el thermometer-- and helping the Democratic establishment learn what real unity is all about:
Goal Thermometer

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