Friday, June 10, 2016

Trump's Amish Army


I don't think I know any Amish people. When I worked at Sire Records I had a band I was close to called the Ocean Blue and they were from some quasi-Amish sect but not Amish exactly, although they were from Amish Country. I stayed friends with one of them but he left the sect when he figured out he was gay and didn't want to live in the closet. The band fired him. And I watched a couple of sit-coms or reality shows about Amish people or quasi-Amish people. One was about some kids who ran away to a big city and one was about the horrors of small time Amish life. They were both so awful that I don't remember anything about them beyond that. And that was as close to anything Amish that I can recall... until yesterday. Yesterday I got an e-mail Ben King of Amish PAC-- Plain Voters Project. Think about that for a second while listening to some Amish-- or quasi-Amish-- music:

I don't know how Ben King got my name or why he contacted me except maybe he figured my negative feelings about Hillary Clinton would translate to his own pro-Trump agenda. Yes, Amish For Trump. But it won't. As I explained the other day, I'd never vote for Trump and I'd never vote for Hillary, the former a narcissist imbecile and the latter, the front-woman for an unspeakably corrupt political organization. 

These Amish don't sound like my cup of tea. How do they even send e-mails? And I never even realized they vote that much. I guess I was wrong about that. "I know it may sound crazy," wrote Ben, "but an increase of Amish voter turnout in November would spell VERY bad news for Hillary Clinton. Amish voters stand in the way of Hillary Clinton's path to the White House." Ah... their opposition to Hillary isn't related to mine at all I see.
Amish voters stand in the way of Hillary Clinton's path to the White House.

The reason is simple... When Amish folks vote, they vote for everything Hillary Clinton and the democrats oppose: protecting the unborn, gun rights, religious freedom, less taxes and less government.

And here's where it really gets bad for Hillary and the democrats...

Nearly the entire Amish population of the United States is concentrated in the pivotal swing states of Ohio and right here in Pennsylvania.

Ohio and Pennsylvania have about 60,000 Amish residents each. And the 2016 presidential election is likely to come down to just a few thousand votes in either state or both.

I have lived in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in the heart of Amish country my whole life.

I was raised Amish although I no longer am.
Ah ha! An apostate! Not even real Amish... just a Republican trying to make a buck, although he claims he's "serving" the Amish community now by being the CEO of a company that builds barns for their horses.
Amish PAC is the first and only organization dedicated to beating Hillary Clinton in 2016 by registering and turning out Amish voters in crucial swing states. We are confident that the strategy will be succesful because it has been succesful in the past.

In 2004, the Bush campaign's outreach efforts succesfully doubled registration of Amish and Mennonite voters. Turnout was huge too. The day after the election, a local newspaper reported, "Amish come out to vote in record numbers."

The record Amish turnout surely helped Bush win Ohio by a razor thin 2.1%. Because he won Ohio, Bush reached the 270 electoral votes he needed to be re-elected.

Bush's campaign has become a case study for the importance of the Amish vote for Republicans in presidential elections. Unfortunately, conservatives and Republican campaigns have done very little Amish outreach since then.
And then he asked for a donation of $20.16 so they can register and turn out Amish voters, presumably for Trump. I guess if Amish people don't have TVs or computers or any access to the modern world they could be tricked into voting for Trump. I have a suggestion though. Take that $20.16 and send it to a progressive congressional candidate who will work to make sure neither Trump nor Hillary do anything we won't be able to recover from. Pick one (or more); I just thought of something... I think Mary Ellen Balchunis' district has large numbers of Amish people living in it:
Goal Thermometer

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The Amish vote? I didn't think they did anything that modern. Especially now that voting is done on touch-screens.


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