Tuesday, May 03, 2016

The New Dems Invade Iowa, Cutting Social Security The Goal


The Democratic congressional primary in Iowa-- unrelated to the presidential caucuses so long, long, long ago-- take place June 6, just a couple days over a month from now, June 7. The most important House race in the state is for the 1st district-- the northeast corner of the state, including Dubuque, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, Marshalltown, Deborah, Independence and Osage. Obama won the district both times, 58-40% against McCain and 56-42% against Romney, a race that saw him pick up 17 of the districts 20 counties, losing only in sparsely populated Benton, Delaware and Iowa counties.

Pat Murphy, the former very progressive and very successful Speaker of the Iowa House of Representatives is being challenged by the DCCC which recruited a wealthy "former" Republican, Monica Vernon who has already self-funded $125,800 into her scurrilous campaign and is being supported by all the usual suspects the DCCC rounds up for it's corrupt conservative candidates, from the New Dems and EMILY's List to the astroturf DCCC/DSCC off-shoot, the misnamed "End Citizens United."

In fact, the New Dems, at the urging of the DCCC, recently endorsed a whole slew of corrupt, right-of-center candidates, Vernon being only one of the more despicable of the batch, the Republican wing of the Democratic Party. So Vernon isn't just a new Dem in terms of being a Republican who switched her registration, but also being a New Dem, Congress' worst and most blatant shills of Wall Street, which finances their careers. In fact, the Finance Sector has already given Vernon $81,575, more than any other incumbent contesting a House seat this cycle.

I was happy to see Pat's campaign push back against the corruption everyone sees coming down the road if Vernon gets the nomination and manages to beat GOP incumbent Rod Blum. This week, he sent this note to his supporters in Iowa:
Monica Vernon was recently endorsed by The New Democratic Coalition, a pro-business group of politicians that supports the Simpson Bowles proposal to raise the retirement age, cut benefits for Social Security and Medicare and increase out of pocket costs to seniors for medical care.

At Friday's 1st District Democratic Congressional Debate in Vinton, Pat Murphy called on Monica Vernon to release her completed questionnaire to let voters know where she stands.

Pat Murphy issued the following statement "Voters in the 1st District know where I stand. I oppose right-wing budget gimmicks that cut benefits to seniors through Social Security and Medicare. I have a proud record of standing for our seniors and our workers and I'll always stand with them in Congress."

Murphy Campaign Manager Mike McLaughlin added "Monica Vernon has supported Republicans through the 90's and 2000's through their attempts to privatize Social Security and turn Medicare into a voucher program. Now she touts the endorsement or pro-business politicians who will continue these reckless policies that hurt Iowa's seniors."
If saving and expanding Social Security is important to you, please consider helping Pat Murphy defeat first Vernon and then Blum. You'll find his grassroots campaign by tapping the thermometer:
Goal Thermometer

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