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Minimum Wage-- Should The Kochs' Lifeless Bodies Be Dragged Through The Streets Behind The Chariot Of A Tribune Of The People?


The video above isn't about the Minimum Wage. It's about the Tea Party world view. You should watch it. It pretty much explains why the country's politics are so screwed up. I don't think Bachmann is consciously lying, although almost nothing she's saying has any relationship to objective truth-telling. I think she's just ignorant, ignorant of the most basic facts she's warbling about to the fringe loons and bigots who pay any attention to her. As you know, President Obama doesn't have a magic wand to wave, not literally or even figuratively. And Bachmann's nonsense about Obama allowing the DREAM Act kinds to vote is just a flat out lie. She either dreamed it or heard on a right-wing crackpot CB radio broadcast. Obama didn't give them the right to vote and-- they didn't vote. Except in BachmannWorld.

And without the Michele Bachmenn of the world, would the country really be in the kind of jeopardy it's in from resurgent fascists and plutocrats like the Koch family? The Kochs' whole jihad against the minimum wage-- which the far right has been fighting since the whole idea of a minimum wage was first brought up-- is tantamount to a declaration of class war against ordinary American working families. (Don't think the right-wing killed Jesus because they didn't like the way he was dressed.) People like the Kochs-- going all the way back to Biblical times-- have always hated the idea of treating working people with dignity and they have been willing to go to any means-- like even killing God's son-- to fight it.
The majority of Americans are fortunate to never know what it means to be destitute, or exist in a condition where they lack enough money to afford basic human needs such as food, clothing, shelter, or health care, but there are forces in this country intent on creating an entire population living in poverty. Over the past thirty years, Republicans and their libertarian funders used a variety of means to create an economic environment conducive to the wealthy increasing their fortunes, and they couched their plutocratic machinations with promises that if the people gave more to the rich, their largesse would be rewarded with a return on their investment down the road that did nothing but crash the economy and create more wealth for the richest one-percent of income earners. Over the past four years, Republicans and their corporate masters changed tactics and promised the people that cutting the nation’s debt and deficit through austerity was the key to creating a vibrant economy, full employment, and a thriving middle class, and through it all the number of Americans slipping into poverty increased with no sign of letting up in the near or foreseeable future. Now, Republicans have abandoned any pretense of helping Americans improve their economic fortunes, and with unflagging support of their wealthy support mechanism are on a tear to create the nation of peasants America is destined to become.

Over the past week, Republicans who know there are over 47-million Americans living in poverty and dependent of the Agriculture Department’s SNAP (food stamp) program passed a farm bill providing $195 billion in subsidies to agricultural corporations and eliminating food stamp and nutritional programs they considered extraneous, or irrelevant. Half of those affected are children, and over 10% are senior citizens living in poverty. It was not even an assault on minorities because more white Americans receive food stamps than African Americans or Hispanics proving that the GOP’s goal is withholding food from all Americans living in poverty and they have enlisted a powerful ally to send more Americans deeper into poverty.

On Tuesday, billionaire libertarian Charles Koch joined Republicans pushing to eliminate the nation’s minimum wage he implied was the ultimate secret to lift Americans out of poverty as well as the major obstacle to economic growth. In fact, Koch said “we need to analyze all these government subsidies, all these things that are creating a culture of dependency, and we’ve got to clear out what reduces the mobility of labor.” A Koch-funded ad in Kansas insinuated minimum wage Americans earning $34,000 annually should consider themselves fortunate, but an American working full-time making minimum wage only earns $15,080 annually, if they can find full-time work. As it is, the poverty level for a family of four is $22,283 annual income, and even in the poorest state in the nation a worker earning minimum wage has to work 67 hours per week to afford the most meager apartment if they are fortunate enough to find a full-time job; food, utilities, and clothing are luxuries out of the realm of a poverty-level worker’s budget. Most medium to large businesses prevent full-time employment to avoid giving lunch breaks or benefits, and those working-poor Americans make up a large share of food stamp recipients Republicans just drove into hunger by eliminating SNAP funding from their Draconian farm bill.

Koch had the temerity to claim him and his brother’s political efforts to create poverty are not for their own benefit, but for the country’s greater good, and by country he means corporations; not the people. He also asserted that “other large companies are promoting some kind of special cronyism where they’re undermining economic freedom” and he certainly meant companies such as Costco Stores and Starbucks that pay a living wage that, according to Koch, are destroying Americans’ opportunity at economic freedom and chance of escaping poverty. Koch doubtless joins the Walton family company, WalMart, that recently threatened to scuttle plans to build three poverty-wage stores in Washington D.C. because the city council were considering a bill to require large companies to pay employees a living wage. As it is now, each WalMart store costs taxpayers a minimum of $1 million in public welfare and healthcare costs because they pay poverty-level minimum wage and maintain a strict policy against overtime pay, allowing workers to take bathroom breaks, or receive basic medical accommodations. According to Koch, who along with the Walton family holds more wealth than the majority of  Americans, the minimum wage is forcing companies to fire employees and rails at the notion of raising it to $9 an hour that would barely help 15 million poverty-level American workers afford to eat, find shelter, or afford basic healthcare.

What Americans are witnessing now is a conservative movement that is finally revealing their only economic agenda is creating poverty for the masses by openly raping what is left of economic opportunity from the people, or any chance for tens-of-millions of Americans to escape extreme poverty borne of pathetic minimum wages at part-time jobs. The nation already ranks near the bottom of every category for a developed country whether it is middle class wealth, infrastructure, social programs, healthcare, education spending, or children living in poverty and still, Republicans voted to eliminate overtime pay, end Medicare and Social Security, food stamps, promote eliminating the minimum wage, and all to, as Charles Koch says, lift Americans out of poverty and to spur economic growth. The Koch’s have even turned on their John Birch acolytes in the teabagger movement in Georgia by fighting the tea party to stop expansion of solar energy development because the billionaire brothers have not yet figured out how to charge Americans for harvesting energy from the Sun.

Americans are being assaulted on all fronts by Republicans and their corporate funding machine, and there is little doubt their intent is creating a destitute population. Last year the Koch brothers claimed the 2012 election was the mother of all battles, and since they lost that battle to create poverty by a Republican president are mobilizing to eliminate what little economic and survival protections the people have left. Eradicating funding for food stamps from the farm bill is just the beginning as Republicans threaten to block a debt ceiling increase unless President Obama submits and implements the Paul Ryan budget to hand over Social Security and Medicare to privatization, and any concerns over the $135 billion in food stamp cuts in Ryan’s budget were just eliminated when Republicans excluded SNAP funding from a farm bill. Now that their main contributor openly called for eliminating the minimum wage, the people must realize that last year’s mother of all election battles has escalated into open warfare to create what Republicans have panted for over the past thirty years; a nation of peasants serving a ruling plutocracy headed by Charles and David Koch.
Conservatives of all stripes hate working people and oppose the mimimum wage-- and that includes conservatives who call themselves Democrats as well. On March 15, the Democrats offered a motion to increase the minimum wage. The motion was defeated 184-233. Six of the worst Democrats in Congress-- all DCCC darlings-- joined every single Republican to vote against a higher minimum wage. These six:
John Barrow (Blue Dog/New Dem-GA)
Jim Matheson (Blue Dog-UT)
Mike McIntyre (Blue Dog/New Dem-NC)
Bill Owens (New Dem-NY)
Collin Peterson (Blue Dog-MN)
Kurt Shrader (Blue Dog-New Dem-OR)
If you contribute to the DCCC this cycle, the bulk of your contribution will get eaten up in Beltway cronyism and corruption and most of the rest will be wasted on trying to save the worthless necks of Barrow, Matheson, McIntyre and Bill Owens, 4 anti-working family reactionaries on DCCC life-support.

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At 9:18 AM, Anonymous robert dagg murphy said...

God did not invent money. It did not say, Here's your pile of money now 3% of you get 90% and the rest of you can scramble for the rest. We invented money and we can do what ever we want with it. We are in charge. It is horrible when there is no food and people starve. It is even more horrible when there is no money but plenty of food and you let people starve. science has turned on the cosmic reservoir and it has been determined that our inventory of tools and artifacts are now sufficient for humans to be a total success in the universe. We are saddled with too many governments and too little purchasing power.

At 8:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Minimum Wage-- Should The Kochs' Lifeless Bodies Be Dragged Through The Streets Behind The Chariot Of A Tribune Of The People?"

In a word -- yes.

At 9:11 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Um, I think the Kochs' lifeless bodies would eat any live humans in reach even as they were being dragged through the streets. Even Zombie Reagan would be appalled. They're that toxic.


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