Sunday, October 28, 2012

Remember The Real Life Nazi Nixon Hired To Hunt Out Jews In His Administration? Fred's Back


Disgraced Republican Jew hunter-- back in the game

Republicans are such great friends of Israel-- or at least they tell you they are. I guess that's why they're always hiring Nazi thugs like Fred Malek. The stench that is anti-semitic fanatic Frederic Malek first drifted into American nostrils when he was one of the top Nixon henchmen at CREEP (the criminal enterprise that was the Nixon 1972 reelection campaign). He worked in the Nixon administration to root out civil servants and replace them with Nixon supporters. He was specifically tasked with politicizing departments of the government and handing out illegal political patronage. He claimed that a "Jewish cabal" was undermining Nixon at the Bureau of Labor Statistics and hunted them down by looking for people with "Jewish-sounding names" and driving them out of their jobs.

Ancient history? Nothing to do with Republicans today? Really? Malek also worked for the RNC, for George H.W. Bush and for McCain's failed presidential run in 2008. His credentials included an arrest record when he and 5 of his friends were caught in Vicary's Park near Peoria, their car spattered with fresh blood. Malek and his pals had killed, skinned and gutted a puppy and roasted it over a barbecue pit. Through his contacts in the Bush Regime, Malek was able to worm his way into Iraq where he made millions-- until an attorney named Alan Grayson beat him in court-- as one of the worst of the war profiteers gorging themselves on the blood of the innocent. Today Malek is the founder and chairman of one of the top Republican Party shadowy money SuperPACs, the innocuously named American Action Network which specializes in supporting extremist bigots running for Congress.

So far this cycle, Malek's American Action Network has spent $7,983,460 on behalf of a repulsive batch of right-wing hatemongers very much like himself who are trying to win congressional races. His 5 biggest efforts have been to try to reelect fanatics Jeff Denham-- smearing former astronaut Jose Hernandez with $1,955,690 in patently false ads-- Chip Cravaack ($1,233,323) and Daniel "Taliban Dan" Webster ($614,068) and to elect John Shimkus' horrifyingly corrupt chief of staff Rodney Davis against progressive champion David Gill ($925,683). Other miscreants whose campaigns Malek is funneling money to include Gambino Crime Family congressman Michael "Mikey Suits" Grimm of Staten Island ($16,930), deranged California wingnut Tony Strickland ($168,717), and former K Street lobbyist Brian Bilbray ($16,930). This past week alone, Malek has spent tens of thousands helping some of the worst bigots and hatemongers to have ever run for Congress, including teabagger Frank Guinta in New Hampshire. Guinta's progressive opponent, Carol Shea-Porter, who polls show beating the rightist, told local media in her district that "Guinta's undisclosed friends have bought $2 million worth of false ads against Carol Shea-Porter. Fred Malek, the head of American Action Network, refuses to say who Guinta’s shadowy friends actually are, but we do know who Malek is and why Frank Guinta is so attractive to him. Malek was Deputy Chief of the Nixon-Agnew campaign, which was infamous for its dirty tricks and Watergate. Among other 'accomplishments,' Malek was censured by the SEC in a 2004 case and fined $100,000." Naomi Andrews, Carol's campaign manager, released the following statement. "Congressman Frank Guinta is under federal investigation and has been named one of the most corrupt Members of Congress. As the old saying goes, ‘birds of a feather flock together.’”


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