Monday, October 22, 2012

Billboards In Rural Wisconsin


During primary season, Blue America fracking billboards in northeastern Pennsylvania helped end the disgraceful career of corrupt Blue Dog Tim Holden. Right now, just south of there we have a couple of sleek mobile billboards driving all around Reading, Lancaster, Ephrata, Coatesville, Elizabethtown, Millersville, Mt. Joy, Lititz and everywhere else in PA-16, where Aryanna Strader is putting up a valiant fight against bigot and anti-Choice fanatic Joe Pitts. And on the West Coast, we have a pair of billboards driving all over Santa Clarita, the Antelope Valley and Simi Valley helping make sure voters know that Lee Rogers is closing in on corrupt warmonger Buck McKeon. The DCCC has refused to help either Strader or Rogers, although President Obama won both districts in 2008 and is expected to win both again this year. Blue America is stepping in for them. Video:

But our biggest single billboard of 2012 is the one on for Rob Zerban just south of the Milwaukee Airport at the Ryan Road Exit on the I-94. We had it up last spring and we just put it up again for the final month of the campaign. It's the single most viewed billboard in the state-- and the most costly. Everyone driving between Kenosha and Racine and Milwaukee passes it. And that's the most populated part of Wisconsin's first congressional district. West of there, it's more rural. And we had a strategy for that too. We have ads in dozens of shoppers and weeklies and we have a Burma Shave style billboard campaign on the smaller roads around Janesville and in the less populated parts of the district. Your contributions here, here and here helped us do it. Thank you. Here are some of the photos:

And, yes, there are dozens more.

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