Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Special Thanks To Clear Channel


Clear Channel functions as a part of the Republican political machine. In the past they have rejected Blue America radio ads for the flimsiest of excuses and this cycle their billboard division told us flatly that they don't care what kind of message we have, they flat out refuse to run any billboards in Santa Clarita, where they own all the good billboard locations, against Republican Buck McKeon or for Democrat Lee Rogers. So why am I thanking them? If they hadn't turned down our billboards-- which we needed to go along with our extensive radio campaign in the district-- I would never have complained to Alan Grayson and he would never have explained to me how much more cost effective it is to use a mobile billboard.

It sounded whack to me at first-- like something out of Spanish Harlem when I was growing up in New York. But mobile billboards have come a long way since then-- they're sleek, clean and even back-lit-- and when we looked into it we realized we would be reaching far more people in the district and for a lot less money. So this week we have our two sided mobile billboard prowling 8 hours a day, 7 days a week in Simi Valley, all over the Santa Clarita Valley, in Lancaster, Palmdale and all places in between.

And we wound up using some of the money we saved to rent a mobile billboard for the race in PA-16, a district Obama won in 2008 and will win again in November, which pits Aryanna Strader against hopeless reactionary shithead Joe Pitts, Congress' most misogynistic member (yes, worse than even Todd Akin). We take over the truck as soon as Billboards2Go is finished running a project CBS' Rachael Ray Show featuring Tyra Banks giving a makeover to one of the audience members. If you'd like to pitch in and help Blue America's independent efforts to defeat the worst Republicans and replace them with great progressives... we have a page for that. And aside from helping Lee Rogers and Aryanna Strader replace Buck McKeon and Joe Pitts, we're also flooding WI-01 with... communication, to help Rob Zerban beat Paul Ryan in his own congressional seat.

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The moving truck bill boards are brilliant. Strategically placed A few days at variable locations will do the trick and cover many eyes. Buck is a goner.


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