Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Will Debbie Wasserman Schultz And Steve Israel Continue Crippling The Democrats' Chances To Take Out David Rivera?


DCCC Chair and "ex"-Blue Dog Steve Israel doesn't care if a candidate is conservative or liberal, just as long as he or she is a "Democrat." It doesn't matter if the candidate is virulently anti-Choice, like Steve Pestka and so many of the Red-to-Blue/Blue Dog candidates are or if they're homophobic fanatics, like Israel's deranged recruit in NC-11, Hayden Rogers, is (among others). Who cares if they oppose everything the Democratic Party of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt stand for... as long as they're wearing that Blue t-shirt. Some are even lifelong Republicans who conveniently slipped on that blue t-shirt for the sake of the election cycle, like Patrick Murphy in Florida and Joe Schwarz in Michigan. Oh-- and there is one more thing besides the blue tee required by Israel and his cronies Hoyer and Crowley-- no independent thinking, none of this ethics nonsense about corruption-- and, most important, personal fealty to the career paths of certain Members, namely Hoyer, Israel, Wasserman Schultz and Crowley.

Doing the bidding of her Fanjul sugar daddies, Wasserman Schultz has another motive, one she's employed time and time again by interfering in South Florida politics: saving the seats of her Republican cronies, like her Fanjul puppets. She's turned the campaign against Rivera, on of the most corrupt Members of Congress, into a clown show featuring a stunning array of inadequate DCCC recruits with no chance at beating even someone as eminently beatable as David Rivera. Well, that ended this morning when local leader Joe Garcia, pushed the DC bosses aside and took matters into his own hands, declaring his own candidacy against David Rivera and the ridiculous anti-labor candidate from another district who Israel and Wasserman Schultz had most recently come up with. (All the background about this heartbreaking race is at the last link and here and here.) Richard Lydecker, Chairman of the Miami Dade Democratic Party, like most Florida Democrats sick of the DC 3 Stooges show, was excited to welcome Joe to the race: "Joe will be a strong voice for working families in the United States Congress. We are looking forward to having a Democrat replace David Rivera this fall." And if that quote irked Wasserman Schultz and the DCCC, who have already recruited another ridiculous candidate with no chance to win, this statement from Homestead Mayor Steve Bateman must have driven her to gnawing on her arm: "Joe Garcia has the integrity and character to represent us in congress. Joe's hard work will make him ready to get things back on track in Washington. I am proud to support my friend Joe Garcia.” But few Miami Democrats know better than Annette Taddeo, a former candidate who had the temerity to run against Wasserman Schultz crony (and Fanjul supplicant), Ileana Ros Letninen who Wasserman Schultz, then head of the DCCC's Red-to-Blue program, supported instead of her. This morning Taddeo came out swinging for Joe:
"I am proud to support my friend, Joe Garcia. Joe Garcia's passion and energy coupled with his long track record of commitment to working families, the environment, small business and equal rights, will allow him to serve our community once again. Joe's integrity will help restore the broken public trust and allow us to be proud of our congressman."

Watch Joe's announcement video from this morning (above). His message resonates beyond Miami Dade. And keep in mind, he also ran against a Wasserman Schultz/Fanjul Republican once before and, like Taddeo, saw Wasserman Schultz publicly declare she wouldn't back him because his GOP opponent was her good friend-- again, from her perch at the DCCC.
"We have all seen Washington politicians fail us. Right here at home we have seen what happens when a politician breaks that public trust, when they are dishonest and corrupt. After reading the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and State Attorney's (click here and here to read the story) investigation into our congressman, I was shocked. For the past year we have known that leaders in Washington will not even associate with our congressman, who remains under FBI and IRS investigation. Our community is being neglected because our congressman is busier covering up lies and crafting a legal defense than serving his constituents.

"I can not sit on the sidelines and watch this happen any longer. Today I am announcing our campaign for congress. Starting today we will work hard to serve you with honesty and integrity. From Key West to Westchester our focus will be on creating more opportunities and a better life for you and your family."

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