Friday, April 27, 2012

Hey Man, Nice Shot-- Blue America Goes To Bat For Ken Aden (D-AR)


Our Barenaked Ladies guitar fun for Norman Solomon and David Gill has been working out so well that we decided to launch another one. This time we have a sleek, black Squier Telecaster autographed-- in 2002-- by all the members of Filter. And we're going to send it out as a thank you present to one supporter of our efforts on behalf of Ken Aden. The page is here.

We've introduced you to Ken before. He's a tough as nails progressive running in the reddest district in Arkansas. Rather than shrink away from a fight as others in his state have done, this Army Combat Veteran is taking it to the streets and standing up for equal rights for all. A main part of his campaign focus is on community service work, renewable energy technology, veterans rights, and the protection of Social Security and Medicare. In a recent quote he said that "if you even think of cutting Medicare and Social Security you ARE a criminal! The time for corporate prostitution has come to an end!"

As we mentioned on the Act Blue page, we were chatting with Ken this week and he told us about a woman he met while out campaigning over the weekend. She considered herself an independent, and was a supporter of Ken's opponent-- Wal-Mart's personal Congressman, Steve Womack-- back in 2010.

"I wish I would have met you back then, because I never would have voted for him," is just what she told Ken on Saturday.

We liked that, because it is the opening lyric of, "Hey Man, Nice Shot," by the legendary rock band Filter, and Filter is part of the special surprise we have planned to help Ken, which we wanted to share with our supporters.

You may have heard that Ken's campaign in Arkansas' Third District is highlighting food insecurity and hunger in the impoverished district by holding the Run 2 End Hunger II, whereby Special Forces veteran Ken Aden will run across the entire district-- a run of 253 miles in 7 days. This race is slated to begin on the 28th of April and will continue through the 5th of May. He's collecting pledges for canned food for every mile, and the food which is collected will be donated to three struggling non profit organizations within the state.

What Ken's doing is so important that we wanted to encourage all of our friends to help. But, since we know we can't ask you to send canned food through the mail even though we are 100 percent in support of our brothers and sisters at the APWU, we thought we'd ask you to pledge to donate $25.30 to Ken's race-- that's one dime for every mile that he'll be running across the district. Of course if you can't donate that amount any help would be greatly appreciated. And if you want to contribute more... please don't hesitate.

And, for every person who makes a contribution through this page for Ken's campaign, you will be entered in a random drawing to win a guitar signed by every member of Filter as a "thank you" from Blue America. Everyone has the same shot, whether you contribute one dollar or 1,000 dollars-- or even if you just send us a note to PO Box 27201, Los Angeles, CA 90027.

So don't delay-- please make your contribution to Ken's campaign today, and by doing so, you'll have a direct hand in ending the plight of impoverished families today. GO KEN GO!!!

Again, here's where you can get in on the fun and get a chance to walk away with this unique, collectible Filter guitar-- and help a fighting progressive get into office and start shaking things up. The guys in Filter gave me the guitar when I decided to retire from Reprise. They were one of my favorite bands on the label and their smash hit, "Hey Man Nice Shot," was a song I loved even before it was ever released. Some people were appalled because they thought the song was about Kurt Cobain's "suicide." But it never was. They wrote the song about the suicide of Pennsylvania's Republican state Treasurer, Budd Dwyer. Dwyer was an innocent man unjustly accused of taking a bribe and he shot himself during a press conference with a .357 Magnum. The corruption in this case is that the prosecutors bribed the witness to testify under oath that Dwyer was guilty in return for a lighter sentence for himself. He later recanted that testimony. Just sayin'...

So do you want to try for a Telecaster or a Stratocaster? Barenaked Ladies or Filter? Norman Solomon and David Gill or Ken Aden? Up to you.

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