Monday, April 11, 2011

Trouble In Paradise-- Ed Case Is Still Trying To Claw His Way Back Into Congress


Slimy Blue Dog Ed Case Has A Closet Filled With These

Yesterday Hawai'i corporate shill Ed Case announced that he's running for the Senate seat being opened up by Dan Akaka's retirement. So far there's no progressive in the race-- just Case, basically a garden variety conservative running as a Democrat. I thought it would be a good time to bring up another Trouble In Paradise post from January, 2010.
Case would prefer to run for Senate and is said to check the newspaper every day when he wakes up to see if the 85 year old Senator Daniel Inouye died overnight. His campaign against Akaka in 2006 revolved around Akaka's vote against attacking Iraq. Case said that had he been in the Senate he would have supported Bush's proposal to start the war against Iraq. Case was a consistent aisle crosser on important matters while he served in the House and seemed more comfortable voting with Republicans than with Democrats. Although he had one of the worst attendance records of any member of Congress, he consistently supported the GOP on job-killing trade legislation and on special interests legislation like abolishing the estate tax for the super-rich, making it easier for banksters to rip off consumers, screwing over working families on pensions and GOP proposals to shift the tax burden to the middle class. He generally voted with the most reactionary Democrats when they joined the GOP to stifle reform and anyone who likes Chamber of Commerce pawns and Patriot Act-type Dems like Dan Boren and Jim Marshall will be perfectly happy with Ed Case-- especially if xenophobia and war-mongering and making sure that victims of big corporations have no recourse to the courts are your cup of tea to boot.

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