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Chris Christie Owes His Victory To . . . The Dulles Brothers' Secret Policy Of Flooding New Jersey With Eastern European Nazi War Criminals!


On Christmas Eve I was living in a riad in Marrakech's ancient medina, reading a new book by former U.S. government prosecutor and Army intelligence officer John Loftus, America's Nazi Secret. The book, which systematically reveals-- in great detail-- a conspiracy to import Nazi war criminals (and not atomic scientists, just murderous thugs) into the United States, is shocking. Because of the current repression crisis in Belarus, the country that is a focus of Loftus' book, it seemed like a good topic to write about, and when I got home I called Loftus to follow up on a few topics he had raised but hadn't gone into in depth.

Before I get into my conversation with Loftus, let me quote from the epilogue of America's Nazi Secret. Keep in mind that he's referring to New Jersey here, not some faraway, quaint banana republic in Eastern Europe.
March 25 is the traditional National Day of the Byelorussians of South River.

On the Sunday closest to that date-- which marks the anniversary of the proclamation of the Byelorussian National Republic in 1918-- they gather at the Byelorussian-America Club on Whitehead Avenue to celebrate. Some of the girls and women wear brightly colored national costumes, and there is dancing, drinking and feasting.

On most days the club is almost empty except for a few old men drinking in the bar, but there are some interesting customers. One of them had thrown small children into a well and dropped hand grenades on them. A frequent visitor to the club has been an executioner at the death camp at Koldichevo. Another club patron teased a visitor known to be squeamish about the Holocaust by picking up a cleaver and hacking at some lunch meats. "I wish these were Jews," he declared.

The old men of South River have achieved a certain respectability. In 1978, the New Jersey American Revolution Bicentennial Celebration Commission published an Ethnic Directory of New Jersey. Heading the five pages of Byelorussian organizations were the American Friends of Byelorussia Central Council. It's president was listed as Emanuel Jasiuk [a notorious Nazi war criminal].

Radoslaw Ostrowsky [an even more notorious Nazi war criminal] had finally emigrated to America too. There is no controversy concerning his entry, but his file shows that at the time he applied for citizenship in 1972, the INS was notified of Ostrowsky's complete Nazi background. After considerable consultation among the various intelligence services, the INS noted in his file that he "appears to have been involved in some sort of espionage activity." A reporter for a New Jersey newspaper who learned that Ostrowsky was living in the United States asked the Immigration Service if the rumors were true. The INS noted on the letter that it had no record of any such individual, but filed it in Ostrowsky's folder. When the reporter came back in 1975 with several variants of the spelling of Ostrowsky's name [like Radaslau Astrouski, though none of which were Mendoza, Gomez, Valdez, Perez, Garcia, Martinez, Hernandez, Ruiz, Lopez, Ramirez, Espinoza, or Gonzalez] the INS put that in the folder too, along with the note that the reporter had been advised by telephone that the INS had concluded a full investigation which cleared Ostrowsky completely. And so one of the highest-ranking Nazi war criminals to enter this country lived on undisturbed until his death in 1979.

The old men of South River might have been more circumspect if they had realized that despite the clean bill of health reluctantly given them by the General Accounting Office, another investigation was closing in on them.

Or might they not have been? After all, the Whitehead Avenue hall that the CIA [OPC] built for the Byelorussian Nazi war criminals now also serves as a Republican Party headquarters and when the Nazis and their spawn helped propel ideological brother Chris Christie into the governor's office-- along with a GOP takeover of the local government-- the Byelorussian-America Club on Whitehead Avenue is where Republicans and Nazis gathered to celebrate last year.

Loftus' entire book is fascinating, and I recommend it wholeheartedly. There are a few parts, though, that are particularly relevant for the DWT community.

The Dulles Brothers, at the nexus of Wall Street, the intelligence community, the Republican Party and dangerously inept Cold War jingoism, overrode President Truman's and Congress' ban on allowing Nazi war criminals into the country, let alone employing them-- purging their records and getting them U.S. citizenship. John Foster Dulles, who now shamefully has an airport named after him near our nation's capital, was complicit steeped in Wall Street backing for prewar Hitler and was at all times looking out for the interests of the wealthy Republican investors who invested in him, particularly the Rockefellers and the Bushes. They had decided to bring their Nazi cronies to the U.S. once Truman was defeated by Dewey.

When Truman didn't play his assigned role, they did it anyway, and then when the Eisenhower-Nixon ticket was elected, the floodgates opened, and New Jersey, among a few other states, became a sanctuary for Nazi collaborators and war criminals from Eastern Europe. Nixon saw them as a counterbalance to the hated Jews, who always voted for the Democrats, and Eisenhower gave him supervisory powers over the operations to bring them to America. Ironically, many of them had been infiltrated by the Russian Communists and the entire program was an absolute disaster, bringing the U.S. no Cold War benefits whatsoever and costing the country hundreds of millions of dollars, but, eventually, helping elect Republican rightists from Nixon to Christie. These are the topics I talked with Loftus a few days ago.

For one thing, I wanted to know how much of the motivation for flooding New Jersey, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, etc. with anti-Semitic Nazi war criminals, many of whom had personally taken part in the Holocaust, from Byelorussia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, etc. had to do with Wall Street greed and how much had to do with the ideological kinship between Germany's and America's right-wing parties, the Nazis and the Republicans. Loftus told me:
My guess is it was 90 percent greed, as they funded the infant Bolshevik and Nazi parties simultaneously. In fact, Hitler knew the robber barons preferred the conservative and Catholic parties over the Nazis, so that is why he banned foreign ownership of German companies, which forced the robber barons to enact the Swiss Bank Secrecy Act of 1933. In the upcoming film American Secrets we document how the Auschwitz industrial park was originally a Russian-German partnership funded by the robber barons of Wall Street.
But what about Nixon?
Nixon always blamed the Jews for his narrow loss to JFK, and tasked George H.W. Bush as co-director of the RNC to recruit the Eastern European groups... [T]he GOP still uses the old Arab Nazi network, the Muslim Brotherhood. That is why we are the only Western nation not to list the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group. The second-generation Muslim Brotherhood members [Al Arian, Alamoudi, etc.] delivered Florida for Bush II against Gore. Nixon's Nazi dream come true.

Especially interesting coming from the past president of the Florida Holocaust Museum. But it's funny how when things like these are covered up and we "move on," they just repeat themselves over and over.

UPDATE: Times Didn't Quite Get The Story Right

In mid-December the NY Times ran a piece by Sam Roberts, Declassified Papers Show U.S. Recruited Ex-Nazis. It was a baby step in the right direction, but it didn't go all the way to exposing the conspiracy or the on-going coverup.
After World War II, American counterintelligence recruited former Gestapo officers, SS veterans and Nazi collaborators to an even greater extent than had been previously disclosed and helped many of them avoid prosecution or looked the other way when they escaped, according to thousands of newly declassified documents.

...The report, “Hitler’s Shadow: Nazi War Criminals, U.S. Intelligence and the Cold War,” grew out of an interagency group created by Congress to identify, declassify and release federal records on Nazi war crimes and on Allied efforts to hold war criminals accountable. It is drawn from a sampling of 1,100 C.I.A files and 1.2 million Army counterintelligence files that were not declassified until after the group issued its final report in 2007.

“Hitler’s Shadow” adds a further dimension to a separate Justice Department history of American Nazi-hunting operations, which the government has refused to release since 2006 and which concluded that American intelligence officials created a “safe haven” in the United States for certain other former Nazis.

Like earlier reports generated by the group, this one paints a grim portrait of bureaucracy, turf wars and communication gaps among intelligence agencies. It also details blatantly cynical self-interested tactical decisions by Allied governments and a general predisposition that some war crimes by former Nazis and their collaborators should be overlooked because the suspects could be transformed into valuable assets in the more urgent undercover campaigns against Soviet aggression.

The American intelligence effort to infiltrate the East German Communist Party was dubbed “Project Happiness.”

“Tracking and punishing war criminals were not high among the Army’s priorities in late 1946,” the report says. Instead, it concludes that the Army’s Counterintelligence Corps spied on suspect groups ranging from German Communists to politically active Jewish refugees in camps for displaced people and also “went to some lengths to protect certain persons from justice.”

DWT has obtained a copy of a letter Loftus wrote to the Times after publication of the misleading, half-baked Justice Department report and just before the Times published it's own latest, uncritical coverage.
I am a former Justice Department Attorney with code word Top Secret clearances. The recent Nazi report which you published was written by DOJ to discredit my 1985 congressional testimony (see chapter 5) accusing the Justice Department itself of sponsoring the immigration of Nazi war criminals. I was threatened with imprisonment by Mark Richards and others if I ever revealed the names of living Nazis like Mykola Lebed. Lebed has since died and the CIA had declassified his files. I am ready to talk.

Lebed was the head of the Ukrainian version of the Gestapo, the Sluzhpa Beshpa or SB, wich recruited Nazi collabroators for the OUN/Bandera movement and the SS. He was arguably the highest ranking Nazi war criminal ever to enter the United States. His troops murdered Simon Wiesenthal's mother.

Lebed was personaly sponsored for immigration under an intelligence stautute by the Attorney General of the United States, without President Truman's knowledge.

His SB members were also allowed into the country by Justice on the grounds they were running an asssinaton program inside the Soviet Union that had killed 35,000 communists.

In 1985, the Justice Department falsely told the CIA, GAO, and Congress that Lebed was a leader of the Anti-Nazi resistance. Mark Richards knew that eventually I would write a book exposing him as a fraud, and that is why he prepared the report whch you published recently. Coincidentally, my new book, America's Nazi Secret, was just published on Veterans Day, just as the Justice Department released a copy of their report. This is the first time in thirty years I have been able to tell the whole story without government censorship. I would like to speak with you. State and Justice have committed a major fraud on the public.

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At 5:03 PM, Anonymous mediabob said...

Howie, this is stranger than fiction. Could the link between George H. W. Bush and JFK's death be within this story?

At 5:13 PM, Blogger DownWithTyranny said...

Try Family of Secrets by Russ Baker for that connection-- a really great book, by the way.

At 5:27 PM, Blogger 🌈David Koch🌈 said...

Loftus is conspiracy theorist who pops up on CSPAN and hate radio.

Here is his loony tunes ramblings saying Cheney was right, Iraq possessed "Nuclear stockpiles", which were moved to Syria during the invasion.

Fast forward to the 4:24 mark in following clip and clown-shoes insists Saddam and his sons were killed on the first night of the war based on "rich earlobe intelligence". That's right - he said "rich earlobe intell".

Sadly this is what the far left has been reduced to - embracing conspiracy theories and kooks and loons.

At 5:45 PM, Blogger said...

Oh good grief. This is some crazy shit.

At 7:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Continued from previous comment:

Once in the U.S., these Nazi personnel were considered valuable intelligence assets in the early Cold War against the Soviets, which was taken extremely seriously back then by the OSS/CIA, the Pentagon, and parts of the State Department. There was a tremendous amount of fear of the Soviets back then, which is almost impossible to overstate today, especially after they got the hydrogen bomb.

So, there's nothing paranoid, conspiratorial, or inaccurate about Loftus' information in this regard.

For example, I remember reading decades ago a long-ish list of German Nazi-Americans, including their specific espionage and collaborative roles from the 1940s in Eastern Europe and the German-conquered parts of the Soviet Union.

Some of these people actually did go on to become local, state, and regional Republican Party executives. George Bush (the 1st) even appointed some of them to minor roles in his national campaign in 1988 and 1992 (to score points with various nationalities such as Poles, Latvians, et al), and his campaign eventually had to disavow them publicly. You may be too young to remember this, but it's all out there to research.

So, in this case please don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. We need this kind of information to instruct us and remind us of the bottom-line nature of the American political right wing - and I don't mean financial bottom line, though that is part of it.

And lest we overlook ongoing GOP-Nazi ties, the Republican Party/American intelligence community currently has direct cooperative ties to Latin American Nazis that had leadership roles in coup d'etats and genocidal campaigns in various countries, such as Chile and Argentina in the 1970s, and often beginning with their specialized training by the U.S. military, and then organizing, funding, logistical support, and political cover, all provided by American GOP politicians and appointed functionaries, as well as a few bad apple Dems.

Birds of a feather. Loftus may have been wrong about WMD and nutty-sounding about earlobes and such, but he's done his homework here and his product is very valuable and instructive.

Too bad about his 'hate radio' appearances though. But HEY, Dennis Kucinich has been on Alex Jones' radio show many times. Are we going to throw Dennis overboard too?! God forbid!

- L.P.

At 11:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope this is no conspiracy theory joke. Let's see some sources for all these claims.

At 2:51 AM, Blogger DownWithTyranny said...

Loftus' book-- loaded with footnotes-- can be purchased here:

At 7:39 PM, Blogger Stephen Kriz said...

My brother-in-law has done a lot of research in this area, including interviewing Mr. Loftus. To address mediabob's question, remember that Allen Dulles also was head of CIA until JFK fired him. JFK was killed less than a year later. Then, Dulles ends up as a member of the Warren Commission, so he can hide his own involvement in the assassination. Convenient. Also, remember Dubya's grandpa, Prescott, helped fund the Nazi war machine.

At 8:08 AM, Blogger Carlos Aliaga said...

VERY GOOD INFORMATION! I am trying to make the "Günther Natowitz(who was my friend and a victim that survived Auschwitz) Holocaust Memorial Park and Museum" in New Brunswick, New Jersey, as that is the closest place to South River where Ostrowski is buried (I contacted John Loftus with that idea and he is the one that suggested to modify my initial idea to make that musuem in South River and make it somewhere else in New Jersey,thus I thought of New Brunswick as Rutgers University is there). The main idea to make that park and museum is to denounce how such a fierce Nazi like Radislaw Ostrowski was given U.S. citizenship. Would you be interested in helping me on this? Greetings, Carlos Aliaga Uria


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