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The Noah Diaries 2011 (4): "If some of those jobs are lost, so be it" (John Boehner)


Plus Michele B & breast-feeding, Taibbi on Wall St. prosecutions, The Donald's the man?, war on workers, war on women, and more

Don't cry, Mr. Speaker -- you've still got a job.

by Noah

2/16/11 -– Quote of the Day: John Boehner, “If some of those jobs are lost, so be it

So much for “Where are the jobs?” With leaders like Clinton, the Bushes, and the current House Speaker, who needs enemies? But, I guess it makes them happy! Hava a cigar with your drinks, John! At least, to date, Obama has created 2 million private sector jobs in his 2 years. That’s more than Dubya did in his 8. How good those jobs are is another issue; one that the media, by and large ignores, but, it’s progress of a sort. Giving people a job at Taco Belle is not a long-term solution. The chance for a career is. But, money comes easy to politicians. They just put a bucket on the doorstep and it just fills up as if by magic. Nice suit, jackass!

2/16/11 -– Michele Bachmann has an issue with the first lady talking about breast-feeding


2/16/11 -– Why no prosecutions of Wall Street?

In Rolling Stone, Matt Taibbi says it's simple: Just like Repugs want to change the laws and voting rights, even negotiating rights, the corporatists of both parties don’t want any prosecutions slowing down their masters. That would jeopardize their next jobs.


2/17/11-- The Donald's got the, er, experience

Andrea knows a good man when she sees one.

Clown columnist Andrea Tantaros of FOX and the NY Daily News has chosen her man, The Donald, as the Repug candidate for Prez. She thinks he can sort out the economy due to his biz experience. She fails to mention that he has now declared bankruptcy three times.

Well, I guess she might be on to something. Repugs have caused a lot of bankruptcy, so who better to deal with it than a guy who is serially bankrupt! Genius! I am so sorry, Amanda! I have underestimated you!

2/20/11-- The war on workers -- to review:

Madison WI, Columbus OH, NJ, TN, wherever there's a Republican governor with a Republican legislature, unions are under attack. But take a look at which unions. It's the public-service/public-sector unions, government-based employees. In the previous cases of attacks on unions -- like machine workers' unions, the UAW, etc., in other words private-sector unions -- the radical right and their corporatist allies have been able to reduce union power by simply moving jobs out of the country. But with public-sector union workers you can't ship the jobs out of the country. You can't ship teachers and firemen and librarians and VA nurses out. The "goods" or services they provide have to be "made" or performed here.

Why attack the unions anyway? Well, unions in general are a source of money for the Democratic Party's infrastructure. Destroy the unions and you destroy the lifeblood of the party structure. Destroy the Democratic Party and you have one party, the Republicans, which functions as a Republican Politboro. The next time you hear some vomit-brain on FOX whine about liberals wanting communism or socialism, you will be listening to a real commie. FOX promotes one-party totalitarianism.

In a Sunday morning interview with FOX News from Madison, Wisconsin's neo-fascist governor, Scott Walker, said he did not believe union leaders were really interested in giving up their benefits. Now that's a shock. He also said cities, school districts, and counties will need weakened unions in order to cut spending for years to come. He said he will not compromise and predicted Wisconsin would pave the way for other states to follow suit, much as it did with welfare reform and school vouchers in the 1990s.

To the neo-fascists, the right of collective bargaining is key to this one. Among other things, collective bargaining gave us 40-hour weeks, 8-hour days, safety regulations, and a minimum wage. Since union wages set the bar for all wages, non-union people should realize that they are next, but cretins like Hannity and his ilk will tell them anything but that. This is the way to the right's dream of the return of workhouses and 60-hour weeks for a few dollars a day. You'll notice how they always want to get rid of the minimum wage too! Since the days of Reagan, it has been obvious that a return to a world of lords and serfs is the dream of the Republican Party.

What Walker did not say in his interview is that his union-busting bill also contains a provision, much like similar Republican legislation in other states, that would allow for him to sell off state assets to outsiders, while he blasts outside interests who support the citizens of his own state. The influence of busloads of teabaggers and the money and actions of the Koch Brothers' group Americans for Prosperity seems to have slipped his reptilian mind.

2/23/11 -– Cenk Uygur covers Glenn Beck’s latest expression of anti-semitism

It’s not the first time Beck has expressed anti-semitic views, and it won’t be his last. He is what he is. But how long will it be until even FOX considers him to be some kind of liability and reluctantly moves him out the door?

I'm not going to worry about him, though. Glenn Beck will still be spewing his wild conspiracies and lies like the stone-crazy version of Soupy Sales that he is (apologies to Soupy). Imagine if Soupy had headed up a “family” on the Spahn Ranch, spinning his wild, insane stories to his gullible followers like Charlie Manson did, stories designed to set people against people for the purposes of violent mayhem for the many and rich personal gain for the very few. That best explains the relationship between Beck and his followers. Or maybe Jim Jones and the drink-the-cyanide crowd is more apt.

For me, the day that Beck is gone from FOX can’t come soon enough for this world. But he'll still be broadcasting his lunacy long after his million or so followers have starved to death because they mistook his information for truth and good advice. One day he’ll probably be doing his thing from an asylum, broadcasting on 10-watt carrier current to the other inmates, from a room where they slip his food through a slot in the door. It will be the equivalent of bin Laden sending out his videos from a cave. The two crazy men are very much alike.

11 months later: Beck is gone from FOX, and Cenk has moved on to Current TV.

2/23/11 –- Governor Walker gets punked

Jon gets to the governor's telephonic pranking at 4:40 of the clip.

Fake Koch phone call. Game changer. You can’t make this stuff up. This is instant viral infotainment at its best, and carries with it the truth of what the neo-fascist Republicans are all about for all to see. The great writers of all time used fiction to get the truth out. This guy, Walker, revealing just what he is for all to see, in such exquisite detail, is almost an embarrassment of riches! Oh the ego! Oh the humanity!

2/23/11 –- A miscarriage of sanity: the Republican war on women

Georgia Republican State Rep. Bobby Franklin introduces a bill to make miscarriage punishable by death if there is "human involvement." That's pretty damn broad. Under the logic of Franklin's law, you could be in an accident and have to prove that you didn't deliberately drive into that tree, or if you tripped and fell down some stairs, you could have to prove that you didn't fall down the stairs on purpose, thus risking your own life as well as your baby's. And since the unborn fetus resided in a human, chances are that a human would be involved in a miscarriage.

Is there a difference between people like this and the Taliban or the Sharia crowd? In Franklin's weirdo, sicko world, a woman who has undergone the tragedy of a miscarriage might also have to then go to the police station and be charged with murder. At some point some woman musta done something really bad to little Bobby.

This is, of course, one half-step away from also calling those who use contraception murderers. Republicans are working on that one too, as Mississippi Repupublikooks are making plans to have a personhood law on the books that would outlaw various contraceptives on the basis that they might interfere with a pregnancy even getting started. Every sperm is sacred. Franklin proves that there are no limits to Republican insanity.

"Every sperm is sacred," Monty Python's The Meaning of Life tells us.

Combine this with the extended Republican war on Planned Parenthood centers that are the only places where huge numbers of American women can go to get screened for breast and uterine cancers, and you have a real sharp picture of where the party of old white men and their Culture of Death holds women on the scale of regard. Tell ya what, Bobby, why don’t you go get in your car and drive into the nearest utility pole. Do it before you hurt more of your fellow citizens, and be sure to pick a pole with a nice big transformer on the top. Take the convertible.

11 months later: God works in mysterious ways. Bobby Franklin is dead.

Sparing his car, he died of a heart attack in July. According to Bobby’s logic and the logic of his party, he might have committed suicide. May his insurance company act accordingly, and if by chance he was a Catholic, things may be getting very hot and toasty for Bobby about now.

History in the making:

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