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The Noah Diaries 2011 (7): "It's important to remember, no one was hurt at Three Mile Island" (Lamar Alexander)


"America is not broke" (Michael Moore), real death panels, did she deserve to be beaten?, rehabbing the Bush name, and more

"It's important to remember, no one was hurt at Three Mile Island"

by Noah

3/7/11 -- Quote of the Year nominee: Michael Moore, in Wisconsin this past weekend
"America is not broke. Not by a long shot. The country is awash in wealth and cash! It's just not in your hands! It has been transferred in the greatest heist in history from the workers and consumers to the banks and portfolios of the über-rich."

"America is not broke" at 4:58

While the Republicans and their FOX mouthpieces lie about President Obama trying to engineer wealth distribution down to the filthy masses, there in fact has been more wealth distribution in this country than ever before -- upward. That includes the taxpayer money that both Obama and Bush handed out, no strings attached, to banksters and hedge-fund managers so they could get their bonuses, put their poor starving idiot kids into "the finest schools" and still have a little something left over to spend on drugs and whores. They follow this up with more petulant demands for tax cuts for the wealthy and tax breaks for corporations that take jobs from Americans and ship them overseas.

3/7/11 -- Republicans to America: Drop dead!

Rather than have some of America's wealth go for caring for the health of the vast majority of American citizens who actually do the work in this country, at least when they can get a job, Republicans push for death. This is well exemplified by the creation of all-too-real death panels by Arizona's mindless governor, Jan Brewer, who has denied money for life-saving transplants. Sarah Palin, who has been so obnoxious when it comes to saying that President Obama's health-care plan will create death panels, is now strangely silent.

One man is not so silent, Dr. Rainer Gruessner, chair of the University of Arizona surgery department, who predicts that 30 Arizonans will die this year due to the Republican death cult in his state: "Failure to restore this funding is a death sentence for people who have committed no crimes."

To Repugs, it's all too cool to mention fantasy death panels in conjunction with Obama, but when their twisted policies and "beliefs" lead to real death panels, they button their lips.

3/7/11 -- King of hypocrisy: NY Congresscretin Peter King

King is on a mission this year to investigate Muslims. He's very concerned about Islamic terrorists. OK, we all are, but to assume that all people of a given faith are "the bad guys" is pathological, especially when you have a past that includes support for a terrorist group (the IRA) yourself.

Then there's the fact that, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the top hate group in this country (not including FOX News) is the KKK, with 221 related groups, followed by 170 neo-Nazi groups (also not including FOX News).

3/8/11 -- Did she deserve it? The minds of Republicans are different

Alan Simpson referred to rappers Eminem and Snoop Dogg as the "Enema Man" and "Snoop Doggy Poop Dog." Perhaps he was getting low on his diaper supply. He'd better call his friend Sen. David "Diapers" Vitter.

Meanwhile FOX on-air "talent" Megyn Fox, in her "Kelly's Court" segment, asked if a young four-foot-11-inch New York woman who was beaten into a coma over a parking space "deserved it." In the end, after discussion with defense and prosecution attorneys, Megyn decided "no." That's the "genius" of being "fair and balanced." She had to think about it.

And think, if she ever gets called for jury duty . . . .

3/13/11 -- Rehabbing the Bush family name

Tonight 60 Minutes, on that laughably-so-called "liberal" network CBS, did a feature on a former multinational intelligence asset called Curveball, who made up some pretty wild stories about Saddam Hussein's alleged WMD development program. The stories included tales of mobile labs, Condoleezza Rice's aluminum tubes, mushroom clouds and lots of other things that spelled doom for America if we didn't invade and invade now. We all know the story. The Bushies even got the once-honorable Colin Powell to go before the U.N. and "catapult the propaganda."

The 60 Minutes feature was part of a continuing effort to sanitize George W. Bush by placing all the blame for the costly, ill-advised war on bad intelligence. It was Curveball's fault! Powell was misled! Bush was misled, blah, blah, blah! There never seems to be any mention that Bush was determined to invade before Curveball's bag of BS ever reached his ears, even before he polluted the Oval Office with his presence, just as there isn't any mention of how much money Dick Cheney's Halliburton has made off of their phony war.

Why bother to rehab Bush's image and the Bush name? Can you spell J-E-B?

3/14/11 -- My God is a big pissed-off God

Shades of Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell: On the same day that Glenn Beck made noises about the Japanese earthquake being caused by God, presumably in response to our liberal ways, Beck claimed that the Three Mile Island incident resulted in "zero" deaths. Back in the real world, infant deaths in the Three Mile Island area rose 47 percent and cancer-related deaths in children under 10 rose 30 percent above the national average. They don't matter, of course. Those kids weren't rich.

Clearly, the defense of nuclear power is being put in high gear in the wake of the Japanese disaster. Nuke power is just swell! Tennessee's lunkhead Sen. Lamar Alexander stated, with a straight face: "It's important to remember, no one was hurt at Three Mile Island."

Right, and all is well in Japan. Everyone's fine. Tell ya what, Lamar. Why don't you and your Republican Culture of Death friends go camp out in Fukushima for a couple of weeks? You can get a really low rate at the hotels!

Oh look, it's Snoop Doggy Poop Dog! (See 3/8.)

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Thanks Noah!

The only thing that would be more fun for ME than the Newtster running would be J-E-B!

The "tink tank" at poor SMU can rewrite all they want. I'm not going to let anybody forget about the DECIDER! Ever.


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