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The Noah Diaries 2011 (12): Obama's real death panel -- the death of bin Laden


Crazed Repugs don't know how to react. Plus: Mel Gibson learns a better way to communicate, and more bin Laden craziness

by Noah

5/2/11 -- Obama's real death panel -- the death of bin Laden

Coincidentally, Adolf Hitler and Osama bin Laden were both pronounced dead on May 1st -- Hitler in 1945, bin Laden in 2011. The most interesting thing to me, however, is how the two deaths were received here in the U.S. In 1945, if any prominent Republicans such as Prescott Bush regretted Hitler's death, they kept silent, at least in public. Hitler's death was viewed, at least outwardly, in terms of a victory, a good thing, good riddance to one of the most evil men in history. Party lines did not come into play.

Not so with bin Laden. Instead, the death is being viewed by some in purely political terms. It has made Republicans anxious. You could all but hear a scream of "Oh shit!" coming from the RNC headquarters. Republican media slaves are squirming and fidgeting out loud. They have lost their bogeyman, a cudgel they liked to use on President Obama to convince the gullible that he's soft on terror and an appeaser. Obama issued the order and chose the strategy to get bin Laden. It is apparently more than Republicans can bear.

Cases in point: In a state of frenzied denial, Emily Miller, a senior editor at the Washington Times, the favorite newspaper of the Bush family, has demanded via Twitter "proof" that bin Laden is dead. It's a case of "He can't be dead -- how will we continue to paint Obama as weak on terror?"

J. Michael Waller, writing on Andrew Breitbart's Big Peace site, is pushing the idea that bin Laden actually may still be alive. "For us Doubting Thomases out there, we need to see in order to believe."

Oh, J. Michael, you're out there, all right. To Republicans, the death of bin Laden is either a hoax like (as über-loon Ben Stein would say) global warming or the health-care crisis, or it's something to be used to once again cast doubt upon President Obama. It's a case of "there's no oil loose in the Gulf of Mexico" or "Evolution is just a theory" all over. Osama bin Laden's death is just a "theory."

Republicans are just always uncomfortable with the truth. It gets in the way of their bigotries and agendas. They seem impervious to facts. Sen. Lindsey "Mr. Rogers" Graham is among those who say they want proof that bin Laden is dead. Like all of the Doubting Thomases, Graham has, in questioning the president, also questioned the integrity of our entire military and the intelligence people who witnessed the operation. Most of all he is questioning the integrity of the Navy Seals who accomplished the task.

So much for Republicans supporting the troops. I'd like to think they actually believe the crapspews that exit their mouths, but no, lying is just their life's blood. You can almost have more respect for thugs who believe that 72 virgins await them after death, because they ain't lyin'; they believe it. FOX does it for its own dishonest, twisted agenda. Which is worse? You decide.

What's left for Republicans? Don Larsen never pitched that perfect game in the '56 Series? There's no proof that Lincoln freed the slaves? Oh, they'd like that one a lot.

Did it really happen? Anyone can fake a baseball card.

It hasn't taken 10 hours since bin Laden's death was announced for us to see just how full-blown the Republican psychosis really is. They can't stand that this has happened on the watch of the man they've devoted their entire beings to hating. They're demanding to see a death certificate.

5/4/11 -- The Republican response to the death of bin Laden is evolving

Now the politicization is complete. Bush deserves the credit. Says Donald Rumsfeld via Facebook:

"All of this was made possible by the relentless, sustained pressure on al Qaeda that the Bush administration initiated after 9/11."

Yeah, relentless, sustained pressure like when Bushie let bin Laden go after he had him boxed in at Tora Bora. Gotta preserve a bogeyman. He'll be useful! There's actually a bit of an admission in Rumsfeld's statement. Bush, it appears, only put pressure on bin Laden "after 9/11," even with the warnings from the Clinton administration and the famous memo of 8/5.

Here's House Majority Leader Eric Cancer: "I commend President Obama, who has followed the vigilance of President Bush in bringing bin Laden to justice."

And how about former Bush chief of staff Andy Card? "Bush made sure everything was in place so that President Obama could have an opportunity to get Osama bin Laden."

How about the teabags? Tea Party Nation leader Judson Phillips has gotten his total freak on, claiming, "The death of Osama bin Laden happened in spite of President Obama" -- and then he criticized the president for announcing the breaking news during Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice TV show! He also said Obama only killed bin Laden to help his reelection campaign. Yep, it's all just politics to the Repugs.

This will go on and on. FOX will be saying that Bush got him, just like they now say that there were no terror attacks on Bush's watch. They also did one of their standard conflation moves, running a header that read "OBAMA BIN LADEN DEAD." Meanwhile over at MSNBC one of its house righties, Norah O'Donnell, announced that President Obama had been shot and killed. Wishful thinking?

Confusion at FOX, or a bit of wishful thinking? You decide.

Personally, I would have preferred that bin Laden have a slow and excruciatingly painful death, but at least he's dead and food for the sea worms. This could have been done 10 years ago, but it's done now. To the Republicans who insist on still exploiting bin Laden for their own agenda and are demanding proof that he's dead, I say, "That that can be arranged." Repugs, the solution to your problem involves a cinderblock, some rope and a trip to the Arabian Sea, where you can then see for yourselves.

I will close this entry with this clip.

5/6/11 -- Mel Gibson's new movie, The Beaver, opens today

In the movie, In the movie, the hateful nutball actor plays a guy who communicates best when he does so using a hand puppet-beaver. Maybe Gibson should use the beaver puppet to speak for him in his off-screen life as well. That way he could always blame the beaver for the nasty things he says and does.

I would like to see this same approach adopted by all manner of politicians. I'd love seeing John Boehner communicating through a hand puppet! Imagine Eric Cancer speaking through a ventriloquist's dummy. You'd hardly be able to tell which was which. Ditto Mitch McConnell. He has the chin for it. This could really take hold in Washington. They're all puppets anyway.

5/7/11 -- The crackpot party was really into that "Bin Laden Dead or Alive" thing -- until he's finally killed, when they object!

The madness deepens. The evidence grows, and grows. Is this the ultimate case of "whatever Obama's for, I'm against it"?

Glenn Beck says President Obama's visit to the WTC to honor bin Laden's victims and visit with their families is "disgusting," while Jabba the Limbaugh says Obama should apologize for taking so long to achieve success in the matter. Hmmm, Obama has been in charge for two years. Bushie was in charge for eight.

Now the Republicans call Obama a murderer for sending the Seals after bin Laden. I thought the murderer was the guy the Seals got. I coulda sworn! Will we now see Republicans wearing bin Laden T-shirts like far lefties once wore Che Guevara shirts? Will Republikook college students now have bin Laden posters on the walls of their dorm rooms? The Republican Party, always mentally off, has lost it completely -- cheered on by the out-on-a-day-pass folks at FOX (Freaks On Xstasy), Politico, and the Washington Times.

This Repug Krazy stuff isn't new, it just keeps getting more bizarre. At the debate in South Carolina on the 5th, the audience even cheered Ron Paul's idea of legalizing heroin. I support that, but only if it's regulated, like in Britain. It's sure getting surreal if Republicans start sharing my views! But of course Republicans don't want any stinkin' regulation. The freaks in SC just want their streets flooded with heroin. Maybe Republicans see a golden opportunity for a fast-food-type chain called Smak-Hut or Smack-o-belle. Over One Billion Dime Bags Sold.

Want more evidence? The few so-called sane Republicans hold a torch for Romney the Dog Torturer, the godfather of "Obamacare," but since President Obama took more than a page from Romney on health-care reform, health care is now a pact with the devil. As with the killing of Osama bin Laden, the problem for the crazy party isn't what but who, and don't think the color of his skin doesn't have anything to do with it.

As I think about it, I guess the utterances of Repugs on the bin Laden matter shouldn't come as a complete surprise since the Republican philosophy is based on oppression, whether of people, animals, or the very land we walk on. Whereas being a Democrat means joining a loose conglomeration of folks with different priorities, such as rights of gays, rights of women, workers, environmental issues, etc. Being a Repug means joining a religion and adhering to a strict code. In this way it's actually much like joining Al Qaeda. The basis of both is a nihilistic, hate-motivated, fear-based fundamentalist religion with a fear of "others," and a prominent fear of anything to do with sex. Is it any wonder that so many Republicans are now defending bin Laden?

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