Sunday, October 31, 2010

Real Monsters Among Us: Republicans Get More And More Emboldened


-by Noah

This week a member of an Arkansas school board saw nothing wrong in encouraging young gay people to just go and kill themselves. This was deliberately said in a current atmosphere where, tragically, more and more young gay people have thoughts of doing that very thing. This man’s words are but one indication of what it means to be a Republican in the year 2010. How sick it is of these wingnuts to say to gay kids “Go ahead. Make my day.”

In nut state Texas, one Pastor Stephen Broden, a Republican teabagger favorite, running for Congress and frequent guest on Glenn Beck’s daily side show is on the record saying that violent revolution is “on the table.” He was, naturally, endorsed by the Dallas Morning News; so much for that dreaded “Librul Media.” To be fair, the paper reluctantly withdrew its endorsement after even some Texans found Broden’s feelings to be a bit over the line (although Palin didn't). Bottom line: yet another FOX loon, and this one, like so many Christonuts, hides behind his position as a man of the clergy; no need to ask me why I’m not a churchgoing kind of guy. 
It’s a sign of our times that the right wingers are feeling more and more emboldened to openly express their hate towards those they see as “other” or “different” in increasingly more reprehensible ways, right down to the concussion-causing head-stomping in Kentucky or arresting a guy for being a Democrat in Virginia, at an event he was invited to! In true teabag fashion, the victim was then accused of being what his accusers are. He, the victim, was blamed and labeled a thug by Eric Cantor’s own spokescreep. Think about how you often see the Republican element calling others what they themselves happen to be? It makes for great cover and goes unquestioned by a cowed, pliable, and supportive media. The best defense is a good offense, especially, if we don’t call them on it.
How long before roving gangs of teabaggers are just dragging people out of their cars when they don’t like the bumper sticker? This type of thing has been done before, in other countries. It can’t happen here? Well, yes, it is happening here. Last election season, a woman was fired from her job in Alabama for the crime of having an Obama sticker on her car. When the perps got away with that, the next step was obvious. What happens if some of these lowlifes don’t like the results of some of the elections on Tuesday? These paranoid, demented, hate-filled, easily fooled true-believers are continually egged on by a group of right wing radio and TV nihilists and candidates of very debatable sanity. I need not mention all of their names. We know who they are and we know their nightmare visions of how the world should be.

For too long there has been a belief on the Progressive Left or even among ordinary middle of the road Democrats like Harry Reid or Barack Obama that politics precludes getting tough with the crazies who walk among us. Some people think that just the facts will win the day and that the way to deal with bullies is to just be silent and be polite and turn the other cheek. Even now, President Obama talks about “working with Republicans” after the election. He talks about working with assholes that have been very clear about their desires to “break him” and “impeach him.” And, wimpy Harry Reid softly whispers about “bipartisan solutions.” There’s all of this political correctness that, in reality, is nothing more than meekness and living in a state of being perpetually cowed by bullies.
Political correctness? Not for me! Damn it all. The meek inherit nothing. Here’s my solution: In war, we must give as good as we get, and then some. You know, the goblins and the clowns and secret Chinese agents on FOX always whine about "political correctness" but that may be the only time I agree with them, although for somewhat subtly different reasons. They want to be free to express their agenda of hate, oppression, and ruination of the middle and working classes. I want to be free to call a spade a spade. I want to confront the madness full on. I think the sooner it's all out in the open, the better. Being a Neville Chamberlain is not the answer. It never has been and it never will be. Democrats and Progressives have been far too polite about all of the Repug loonies that have invaded our body politic like some deadly alien Andromeda Strain. We should frame the discussion in terms of the REAL reality not the FOX-fueled alternate comic book universe of backwards day delusion.
Tolerance has gotten us to where we are today. Nixon belonged in jail but our media and political leaders said mindless things like “No one wants to see the President in jail.” Oh really? Hell, they even gave that crook a pension, paid for by our taxes, when he deserved to be drawn and quartered at halftime in the Super Bowl! You bozo Repugs want medieval; we’ll give you medieval. We got Palin because our society as a whole was too kind to Bush and Cheney. We got O’Donnell because we let Palin off the hook and still do. She’s a fine one to talk about “palling around with terrorists.” How often have you seen or heard the media ask her about Joseph Volger?
What’s next: a knuckle-dragging, club wielding chimpanzee being treated as a viable and acceptable candidate on Morning Joe and being heavily promoted by Sean Hannity? Freddy Krueger for Senator? No problem. “Mr. Krueger, what’s your stance on stem cell research?” Hannibal Lecter? They’ll put him on the cover of Newsweek, and McDonalds and Outback Steakhouse will endorse him. “It’s all about the meat, stupid!”
Screw the wonkishness and trying to explain things to people who are incapable of comprehension or don't want to know anything other than some Mike Drudge talking point that has escaped his diseased little petri dish of a mind. Politeness and tolerance for wackos only encourages them. If someone is a total crackpot or criminally insane, we should say so, right on the TeeVee, on the street, and in Congress. Zero Tolerance is the only cure for total crazies. Politeness and compassion, my ass. Stop legitimizing this endless parade of Republican crackpots with your silence. The prescription calls for massive derision for the delusional! We have group homes and institutions for people like this. Our houses of government were not meant for such use.
Whether it's Sharron Angle or this guy who said gay people should kill themselves, we have tolerated their shit for far, far too long. These people are the stuff of supermarket tabloids and now they are running for office and might get elected because we have let them get this far by treating them with an overly generous level of respect that they do not deserve. Hell, FOX has even shamelessly used the Weekly World News as a news source and treated it as credible, as evidenced by their wacked out story about the L.A. police buying jet pack suits to fly around in. Most of the rest of the media has been no better, barely mentioning the brownshirt-style thuggery at recent Republican soires. So, the brownshirt Lex Luthers will push it further and further. Expect more and expect worse.
History has shown that when we let these people off the hook by being so damn civil, they just come back the next day or the next week with a bigger, more poisonous outrage. To think, this piece of living, breathing crap in Arkansas was on a school board! Rather than just resign, I think the guy should consider killing himself instead, thus making the world a better place by his leaving it immediately! So should John Boehner so he can come back in his next life as a matching set of orange patent leather shoes (both right) and handbag so he can languish in some Leona Helmsley or Mitch McConnell closet. 
And, in my own fantasy world, a giant dog shit encrusted army boot would come from the sky like a deus ex machina and stomp Rand Paul into a puddle of sickening pulp, Eric Cantor would be tried and hung by the ghosts of Auschwitz, and Michele Bachmann would given early entry into a flaming pit of Hell that would suddenly open up right under her. I long to her say “I’m melting!
Meanwhile, Sarah Plain and Christine O'Donnell would spend the rest of eternity in a Twilight Zone dimension where they are the only two people in all of existence and all of existence consists only of a sparse 10 x 10 room outfitted with only one chair, no blankets and a noisy and very temperamental radiator that alternates between not working at all on cold days and then raises the room temperature to over 140 degrees in the summer. It would be a bizarro world to match their bizarro minds! On the wall would be an electric clock and calendar that would give the time, the day of the week, and the date in completely scrambled and random fashion. Let them only have each other to talk to, making inane Alice in Wonderland style comments in their gibberish-speak all the live long day. Except for the occasional heat, they'd hardly notice the difference from their current narcissistic self-only reality. Happy Halloween everybody!



At 4:22 PM, Anonymous wjbill said...

I laughed and I cried. Well written!

The madness will not end. There is never enough power or wealth or ego for the rulers.

It would be nice to see our collective intolerance actually show up in the voting while there is still somewhat of a system that equates one person with one vote.

At 8:20 PM, Blogger SallyB said...

BRAVO!!!! You've probably said what a lot of people are thinking but are too polite to say in public. Well, I'm with you, to hell with political correctness. Come out firing with both barrels blazing. No quarter given. We've tolerated their looniness long enough. Now it's OUR turn to come out and say how we really feel about them, that they are nothing more than a bunch of paranoid wackjob nutballs who don't deserve to share the same space with us.

Thank you for an exceptionally well written piece!

Word verification: waliciti, you belong-a in a waliciti, an' we keep-a da portcullis locked shut so you canna get out! (Spoken in Father Guido Sarducci dialect!)

At 5:31 AM, Anonymous Mark Scarbrough said...

Yep, agreed with the last two posters. Bravo, Noah. I cannot believe where we are today. I cannot believe that such hideous hate passes for political discourse. I cannot believe that Dou(ass)hat had the stupidity to claim in today's NYT that the country has moved to the left over the last two decades. Left? Yeah, right: so very far to the left that Obama can be called a leftist.

At 8:19 PM, Blogger thwap said...

Check out all the pissing and moaning about calling most of Rob Fords' voters stupid or ignorant.

Of course, the same really does go for Smitherman's supporters, since his platform was complete bullshit too. But so man people championed Ford because he was so earnestly incoherent.


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