Sunday, October 31, 2010

We're Betting On Alan Grayson Tuesday


The Orlando Sentinel is the biggest newspaper in central Florida. The paper is very conservative in its editorial stance and has been extremely negative-- not just editorially but even to the point of slanting its news coverage-- in regard to the local congressman, Alan Grayson. Needless to say the Sentinel endorsed Grayson's extremist opponent, Daniel Webster. Below is the Sentinel's editorial board in a desultory and condescending meeting with Grayson that preceded the endorsement of Taliban Dan.

The Sentinel, the Republican Party and the Wall Street interests that fund it, delusional, self-loathing teabaggers, the American Taliban, the Beck-Palin tagteam and, most of all, corporate America, are licking their collective chops at what they hope is the impending political demise of the nation's most effective representative for the interests of ordinary working families. Despite baseball statistician Nate Silver's dire and typically ill-informed warning that Grayson only has a 17% chance of reelection, my own assessment is more optimistic. I think the "dispassionate" Villagers, as well as the enemies of America and the enemies of working families are going to be very disappointed on Tuesday-- at least as far as one Orlando district. Click on the graphic:

What you're looking at is the last minute ad Blue America is running online in central Florida on behalf of Grayson's campaign. Thanks to an onslaught of deceptive and vicious ads from Rove, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and half a dozen other GOP front groups, many of them financed by China and other foreign competitors eager to make America weaker, there was not a single cable TV spot available. This ad will be viewed by over 300,000 voters in the district. If you didn't click on it this, in part, is what you missed:
You know, when America's worst columnist devotes an entire piece to his eliminationist right-wing wish for the voters to "purge" you from the American scene, you have to figure you're scoring, and against some sensitive targets. Why else target you?

Well, Alan Grayson has been fighting the good fight for the people of Florida 08 since he hit the halls of Congress in 2009. And he's been out in front of every other politician in the country in demanding accountability for the greatest banking fraud scandal in American history. When he heard reports of banks foreclosing on homes they didn't own, he didn't consult pollsters or political strategists, Grayson took action and requested that the Florida Supreme Court step in. That public request got the ball rolling and Attorney's General and state officials across the nation looked at the evidence of similar fraudulent behavior and called for moratoriums on foreclosures.

As this foreclosure fraud scandal unfolds, Grayson remains at the forefront of those demanding accountability, speaking plainly and assertively of the need for this criminal behavior to come to and end so the country can finally start to rebuild from the rubble. And like Republicans running for national office all over America, his opponent has breathed nary a word about it, fearing, as they all do, the wrath of the big banks and wealthy financial interests who want to sweep this under the rug to protect their profits.

If you want someone who isn't afraid to take on the big corporate interests, someone who isn't afraid to take on entrenched political power, who isn't afraid, period, you'll vote for Alan Grayson. He's got your back-- won't you get his?

Digby put up some great photos yesterday of Grayson's field team and some degenerate fraternity types supporting Taliban Dan. The contrast is telling... and marked.

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