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How Safe Are Tea Parties And Other GOP Functions For Women? How Many More Tom Ganleys Are Lurking Out There?


GOP sex predator Tom Ganley and his victim

Here at DWT we're big fans of progressive Democrat Betty Sutton, the Ohio congresswoman who wrote the Cash for Clunkers bill, and we've been trying to help you keep up with the shenanigans of her opponent, crooked multimillionaire used car dealer and close Boehner ally Tom Ganley. Ganley thinks he can buy Sutton's seat by flooding the airwaves with lies. Or he did 'til yesterday. As of yesterday, he has something more pressing to think about. As our friends at Plunderbund reported, a lifelong Republican and a Tea Party activist claims Ganley met her at a Tea Party rally and later, at one of his shady car dealerships, sexually assaulted her.
His accuser said she attended a Cleveland Tea Party rally where Ganley spoke on July 3, 2009, when he was a candidate for the U.S. Senate, before he decided to run for Congress. Impressed by Ganley’s anti-abortion platform, the lawsuit says, the woman approached him, introduced herself and her children and offered to volunteer on his campaign.

The woman then visited Ganley’s Chevrolet dealership on Lorain Avenue in Cleveland three times during the following weeks, to discuss volunteer campaign duties and a reduction in the interest rate on a car loan she received from a Ganley dealership, the lawsuit says.

Ganley talked during the meetings about fixing her van for free, reducing her interest rate and giving her a job at a dealership, according to the suit.

In their second meeting, Ganley told the woman that he and his wife lead separate lives and live on opposite sides of their home, the suit says. In each of the meetings, the suit says, Ganley pressed her about what she does for "fun."

On her last visit to Ganley’s office, Aug. 1, the woman said she dropped off her van for repairs. While she waited in Ganley’s office, the suit says, he made sexually suggestive comments and invited her to join him and his friends at a condominium he owns in Strongsville. Ganley gave her a $100 bill and told her to buy some lingerie and high-heeled shoes, according to the lawsuit.

Ganley told her he wanted her to dominate her, parade her on a leash and have sex with her in front of his "play friends," the suit says. It accuses him of grabbing her from behind, wrapping his arms around her, kissing her and, despite her resistance, reaching into her pants.

So another top priority Republican candidate with the idea that women can be paraded around on leashes, beaten, or-- in the case of Daniel Webster in Florida-- stoned to death if she isn't obedient. And what do all three, Ganley, David Rivera (R-FL) and Taliban Dan (R-FL), have in common? They're all Young Guns. Do you have to be a pervert to be a Young Gun? Ganley is extremely close to John Boehner, who has a keen sense for people with millions of dollars and an easy sense of ethics. I wonder what Sarah Palin will have to say about this case. The victim, Robin Cupedro Saccany lists Sarah Palin as the only "like and interest" on her Facebook page. The law suit document is pretty startling and it must be pretty embarrassing for the other Young Guns who don't prey on women they meet at political rallies.

And this is hardly Ganley's first legal "woman problem." He's even more sleazy and self-entitled than your garden variety Republican congressional candidate. As Roll Call reported last week, Ganley has plenty of legal problems involving women.
In one pending case against Ganley-owned dealerships, a former female employee alleges that management discriminated against her because of her gender. In court papers, the ex-employee alleges that she was “routinely given less opportunities for commissions that were given to the male employees” and that the mistreatment “made working conditions so intolerable that any reasonable person under the circumstances would have felt compelled to resign."

So Ganley treats women employees like dirt and tries to rape a married female volunteer who has introduced herself as an anti-Choice fundamentalist Christian, while David M. Rivera beats up women and claims it's a different David M. Rivera and neither of them look quite as bad as Daniel Webster who tried passing a bill to prohibit divorce and believes disobedient women should be stoned to death because "it's in the Bible." The Republican Party-- more dangerous to Americans than the Taliban! And not a peep from Boehner, Cantor, Sessions, Ryan, McCarthy about any of their Young Guns.

UPDATE: Sexual Predator Tom Ganley Makes The TV News

Every northeast Ohio TV channel covered Tom Ganley's attempted rape of his conservative Christian campaign worker, a mother of four who he lured to his office and assaulted, after dousing himself in cologne and spraying breathe freshener in his mouth. NRCC Chair Pete Sessions (R-TX) and Young Guns führer, Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), neither having ever shown an ounce of compassion for women or mothers-- Sessions is a notorious womanizer almost on a David Vitter level-- are refusing to remove Ganley from the Republican Party's Young Gun program, bringing an air of suspicion onto the entire slate, which, as I mentioned, also includes woman beater David M. Rivera (R-FL) and, worst of all, religious fanatic Daniel "Taliban Dan" Webster, a disciple of Bill Gothard, who believes women who refuse to subjugate themselves to the will of men be stoned to death.

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At 12:43 PM, Anonymous me said...

Repubs sure are creepy-looking. Even the women. They give off bad vibes.

At 1:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

She's another Ohioan voting against her best interests. I have little sympathy for either one of them..Ganley and Sacanny.
Interesting reading:

At 5:07 PM, Anonymous igettit2 said...

Well, guess the station felt they had to cover the story, but they sure did their best to spin it in Ganley's favor.

At 7:12 PM, Anonymous Sophie said...

Unfortunately, I doubt if the woman victimized by this sleazebag will understand the reality of so called "anti-choice," GOP hypocrites, as her worldview is stunted by religious dogma. GOP political hacks pretend to support the "Christian, moral, blah-blah point of view,"--while hypocritically participating in their sexual escapades of choice. The GOP leads in sexual hypocrisy, as well as demonstrating outright misogyny towards women.


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