Saturday, September 25, 2010

What Will It Mean To Women If The Republicans Win November? Just Ask Taliban Dan


Forget the startlingly biased Orlando Sentinel, but mainstream media in Orlando finally is starting to give serious coverage to the most important House race in the country, the one pitting Alan Grayson against ridiculous Republican Party hack Dan Webster. Webster is another one of those GOP fanatics who feels women should be forced to bear the child of a rapist... no matter what. Watch above when Orlando TV Channel 6 asks Webster-- Taliban Dan-- if he would allow women to opt for an abortion if she is the victim of rape or incest. It's shocking... but only if you're a woman or if you care about women.

Below is the ad itself that everyone in Florida and Washington is talking about. Please watch it and then help Blue America Get Alan Grayson's back-- the way he's had our backs since the day he was elected.

And here's Digby, being mean to the American Taliban again, just because they want to destroy the basic foundations of America.

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