Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ken Calvert-- Caught On Tape Again


Ken Calvert (R-sex predator) is at it again-- using his pet issue of 'illegal immigrants are bad' for political gain while setting a double standard for himself and his supporters. And this time, as you can hear above, we’ve got audio!

Ken Calvert, a notorious Republican racist, was trying to ingratiate himself with Fox viewers after voting for the Bush no-strings-attached Wall Street TARP bailout and for NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO/GATT and every other piece of outsourcing legislation ever proposed, at a Tea Party Rally in Orange County. Happily for Calvert, the focus wasn't on personal corruption (a weak spot of his) or on bailouts for banksters but on the one thing he and the teabaggers have in common: racism, and how “illegals” are voting illegally and destroying America. In the video above, Teabagger #1 says he is from England and has a green card, then clearly tells the Congressman that he committed voter fraud by voting illegally in the primary election earlier this year:
Teabagger: “During the primaries this season, I’m a legal alien from England, so I have a green card, I went to Trabuco Hills High. No problem, for me to vote. Yeah I had a friend of mine who went in Riverside and another one who went in to Santa Ana, no one questioned anything. No I... nothing.”

Calvert’s response to this admission of a non-citizen voting illegally?

Congressman Ken Calvert: “Well, uh, it’s a growing problem, and, uh, especially in my Congressional district which is 42 percent Hispanic. And we’re gonna have to deal with it in an aggressive way. I mean, voting is a privilege and should only be given to American citizens.”

The audio isn't perfect (there’s some teabagging harpy shrieking in the background about illegals and the flag?), so set the volume on your computer to full blast and hear the Congressman ignore a felony admission of voter fraud while taking another opportunity to scapegoat the Latino population that makes up nearly half of his district.

Something tells me Kenny-boy isn't too good under pressure. Like when he got caught by one of Corona's finest in his Ford Taurus getting serviced by a heroin-addicted prostitute. When the officer asked him what was going on, Calvert said "We're just talking, that's all, nothing else," while trying to “cover his unzipped pants with his hand.

By all means, click on Calvert's arrest record to read it

So when this English teabagger tells Calvert he voted illegally and made a mockery of our democracy, Calvert’s brain immediately defaulted to his favorite talking point-- blaming “illegals” for everything. And since, in Calvert’s world view, all brown people are illegal, then the 42% of Hispanic people living in Calvert’s district are a serious problem and, according to Calvert, need to be dealt with “in an aggressive way.”

Fortunately, we have an opportunity to replace a radically racist member of Congress with a true progressive champion-- one who vocally supports real health care reform and bringing all our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan. Bill Hedrick, an educator and School Board member, is running strong against Ken Calvert after almost defeating him in 2008. Bill is a family man with children who are actively serving in the military. Calvert got sued for not paying his alimony. We can also expect more from Bill Hedrick when it comes to representing the Hispanic community in the district-- Bill speaks fluent Spanish and spent many years working in bilingual education.

Bill was one of the first candidates endorsed by Blue America this year. Please help him get rid of Ken Calvert in November. This is a race that can be won and we can replace a racist, sexually obsessed Republican with a real progressive Democrat who has proven he's all about representing middle class working families, not special interests and Big Business. As you know, the elections are in just a few weeks, Bill needs whatever help you can give him-- and you can do that right here. The first 5 donors tonight who give at least $25 will get autographed copies of Russ Baker's spectacular book, Family of Secrets.

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At 9:38 AM, Anonymous me said...

By all means, click on Calvert's arrest record to read it

You can't be serious. How can anyone read those low-res images you post?

At 3:40 PM, Blogger DownWithTyranny said...

Here's a better link for the investigators among us... and the voyeurs.

At 8:38 PM, Anonymous Mike Hall said...

Ken Calvert is a fat little ball of shit. The cop who arrested him was new at the job -- Calvert subsequently had him fired.

Are you guys volunteering for Bill Hedrick's campaign?


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