Friday, September 10, 2010

Justin Coussoule Campaign Taking Off In Southwest Ohio


Justin Coussoule's campaign is little the little train that could-- David vs Goliath, although in this case, Goliath is a drunken, orange-tinged golfer whose pockets are bulging with bribe money from Wall Street, Big Pharma, Real Estate interests and Big Tobacco. The Inside-the-Beltway Democratic Establishment wants nothing to do with Justin Coussoule's campaign against John Boehner. After all, Coussoule, a West Point graduate, was a former captain in the U.S. Army... and you know what sticklers those types are about the rules and stuff like ethics and fair play. And Inside the Beltway-- whether you're a stinking Republican career hack or a stinking Democratic career hack-- they play by their own rules, rules that allow the kinds of flagrant, blatant bribery that encourages the rise to power of low grade criminal types like John Boehner, Pete Sessions, Eric Cantor, Tom DeLay and Rahm Emanuel.

The DCCC, led Debbie Wasserman Schultz, someone whose bought her way to power with sugar lobby money and cash from anti-Cuba fanatics, made it clear from the day Coussoule decided to run that their only interest in Boehner was to use him as a cash cow to raise money to save the seats of Blue Dogs-- Blue Dogs who are unpopular with the Democratic base because... they always vote with Boehner! They wouldn't even invite him to Democratic Party events down the road from his own house and hoped he would just fade away quietly and leave them to collect money to save slimy conservatives like Bobby Bright (Blue Dog-AL), Frank Kratovil (Blue Dog-MD), Travis Childers (Blue Dog-MS) and Glenn Nye (Blue Dog-VA). But that's not what happened-- thanks to dedicated grassroots supporters up and down OH-8, and thanks to Blue America donors and to Ed Schultz. And now, thanks to the million-strong DFA. If you're not a member, here's part of the e-mail Democracy For America sent out yesterday:

I have three words for you-- Speaker John Boehner.

There is nothing-- nothing-- that would be a bigger setback for America than seeing right-wing corporate lapdog John Boehner take the gavel from progressive champion Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House.

That's why Republican John Boehner has earned DFA's first Anti-Endorsement.

DFA members chose John Boehner and right-wing Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to "win" the 2010 Progressive Villain Anti-Endorsements. These two represent the worst Washington D.C. has to offer. Their Republican Party is more interested in doing the bidding of corporate lobbyists and racist tea baggers to repeal, overturn or defeat President Obama at all costs than they are in doing what's right for America.

What is an Anti-Endorsement? It's an important part of our 50 State Strategy. DFA will make a long-term, high-priority investment in the winners' states, including dedicating staff to increasing Democratic voter registration, campaign training, increased resources for local progressive activists and a commitment to defeat these Villains with a progressive Democrat.

Democrats in Washington are playing defense. But we're not. We're committed to taking out right-wing corporate sell-outs like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell whether it takes one or two or 10 election cycles to do it.

Today, DFA is endorsing Boehner's Democratic opponent, Justin Coussoule, for Ohio's 8th district. We'll contribute volunteers, money, and campaign resources to support Justin's uphill race to defeat the House's biggest Villain. But that's not all we're doing. We're going on offense right now in races across the country to make sure we never see "Speaker John Boehner."

Beth Krom, Bill Hedrick, Steve Pougnet, Manan Trivedi-- these are four great progressive Democrats running in districts held by Republicans that President Obama won in 2008. We're not just going to make sure Speaker Pelosi keeps a Democratic majority this fall-- we're going to send her more great progressives to build a real, progressive majority.

Democratic political insiders in DC have also warned incumbents not to waste their energy on challengers in "impossible" races-- "impossible the way Donna Edwards' and Alan Grayson's were once judged. But this is how Congressional Progressive Caucus chairman Raul Grijalva responded to that like this:
Goal ThermometerJustin Coussoule is the right man to improve the representation of the 8th District, and he's running at the right time. John Boehner is too busy playing inside baseball against his own deputy, Eric Cantor, to give a thought to the people of Ohio. His idea to get the economy back on track is to extend tax cuts for the wealthy. We tried that for eight years under George W. Bush, and it just didn't work. John Boehner didn't listen. Justin Coussoule did.

Justin has worked hard all his life, served five years in the military, and started a small business to support his family. He knows the value of personal relationships, keeping in touch with your roots, and remembering who you're working for. He also understands public policy and knows that cutting Social Security to pay for more upper-income tax breaks, as Boehner recently suggested, isn't what Ohio needs.

John Boehner's favorability ratings are lower than the Republican Party in general. They're even lower than the IRS. Western Ohio is tired of John Boehner. Justin Coussoule is the man the 8th District needs, and he's going to make a great Congressman. Please join me in supporting him today, because we can't go another two years with John Boehner using the 8th District as a springboard for his inside-the-Beltway power games and political maneuvering. The voters of western Ohio need someone looking out for them first. Justin is the man for the job-- a working man, a family man, a man who served his country and continues to serve it today.

Justin Coussoule for Congress. It's time for better days in the 8th District.

He's also been endorsed by high profile Democrats like Alan Grayson, Barney Frank, Henry Waxman, Bob Filner, and Earl Blumenauer. And today two of Boehner's Ohio congressional colleagues, Betty Sutton and Mary Jo Kilroy joined the courageous Democrats willing to take on the orange man. Earlier today Mary Jo issued this statement:
"I became the first member of Ohio's Congressional delegation to endorse Justin Coussoule because he is the sort of leader that South west Ohio deserves. John Boehner is a dangerous man with a radical agenda for our country. He wants to privatize social security and reward companies that send our jobs overseas. Justin will stand up for people like you and me, and against the special interests that John Boehner has represented since the day he went to Congress."

And early this afternoon Betty Sutton, who will be issuing a joint statement with Mary Jo, sent us this:
“Minority Leader Boehner has continually fought against the best interests of hardworking Ohioans-- from his ceaseless attempts to slash and burn Social Security to his willingness to ship American jobs overseas at the drop of a hat. Justin Coussoule knows that creating jobs in Ohio and rebuilding our middle class must be our number one priority, and I am proud to lend him my support."

If you hit that thermometer up above, you can help us keep this ad running on TV in Butler and Montgomery counties:

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At 2:25 PM, Blogger Bula said...

Howie, I take offense at your implication that Boehner is an a$$hole because he drinks and plays golf.

He is an a$$hole because he is one.

The Kennedy's all drank, and Lincoln put Grant in charge of the Civil War even though he was a notorious drunk.

Would you like the tea totaling Orin Hatch or Mitt Romney in charge.....

At 1:25 AM, Anonymous Terry said...

I have a slightly different take on the matter. I believe John Boehner to be incompetent because he quite simply isn't that bright. Sly or cunning, maybe - but that's not the same as being bright or intelligent.

Here's why: A recent credible report shows that everyone (poor people, rich, people, all in between) increase wealth faster when the Democrats are running the country then when Republicans are in control. Boehner would be better off to just STFU and go along for the ride, but as it is he'll likely lose his job altogether.

Here's a link to that story:


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