Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Welcome to the new era of bipartisanship, featuring Tom Tomorrow on "Obama the Far-Left Radical"


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by Ken

It's a bit late, but I wonder whether the president is prepared yet to admit that the great Bipartisan Project, the determination to lower the noise level and usher in a new era of formerly rancorous disputants sitting at the table listening respectfully to one another -- that all of that, um, isn't going to happen. As regular readers know, I've attempted a number of times to peek inside his head to try to figure out what he thinks his plan is, but even given this most charitable interpretation, can we acknowledge that it didn't work?

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At 10:28 AM, Anonymous Balakirev said...

Ken, the way I figure it, he's either completely clueless, spineless, and will always be rolled from the right, or he's been a Conservadem all along who talks a good progressive game. And--quel surprise!- Obama's pre-presidential voting record shows he was one of the most conservative Dems in Congress. So "bipartisanship," in his lexicon, could well mean "I want to go corporatist on this issue, and will rig any attempt to do anything else by calling in people who think like me."

I personally think we'd be better off with a unicameral parliament, proportional representation, two term limits, and a weak presidency. Obama can go start a think tank, McConnell can set up a rent boy concession for government workers, and Boehner can invent a series of mobile tanning salons for golfers.


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