Wednesday, May 19, 2010

North Carolina Progressives Coming Together Behind Elaine Marshall-- Kentucky Republicans Flee From Right-Wing Nutcase Rand Paul


Blue America didn't make an official endorsement in the North Carolina primary for several reasons. Although we felt that Secretary of State Elaine Marshall was-- and is-- a truly exemplary candidate and that the DSCC shill recruited by Menendez would ensure that Richard Burr would get a second term, we felt a great deal of respect for Ken Lewis. Elaine came out ahead in the primary by Lewis' 17% forced a runoff between her and Cal Cunningham, the Martha Coakley-like DSCC recruit. The runoff is June 22 and Menendez and the corrupt Inside-the-Beltway forces for the status quo have taken over the inept Cunningham campaign and have been pressuring Lewis to endorse him. Instead, Lewis called a press conference, walked over to the state capitol and endorsed Elaine. "Elaine's work as Secretary of State and her historic electoral victories make her the strongest candidate in this run-off and in the general election. On the campaign trail she is tough, smart, and one of the hardest working candidates I've ever seen."

Remember, Lewis won Durham and three eastern counties and placed second to Marshall in Charlotte and counties throughout the northeast part of the state. His endorsement will give Marshall a strong advantage in those areas. As Mecklenburg Democratic Chairman Joel Ford said this morning, "If Ken comes out and supports Elaine Marshall you can stick a fork in Cal."

It's great seeing progressives and Democrats coming together after primaries in order to beat the right-wing menace. Within minutes of his defeat last night Arlen Specter graciously offered to campaign for Joe Sestak in the general election against Pat Toomey. Similarly, President Obama called Sestak to offer his congratulations and support. In Republicanland, it's a little different. In Kentucky, mainstream conservatives are shocked by Rand Paul's extremism and bizarre belief system and kooky personal style. 43% of the Republicans who supported the mainstream GOP Establishment candidate last night will not vote for Ron Paul's nutty son.

Today would be a good day to show some support for the next steps-- runoffs for Elaine Marshall and Bill Halter and tough general election battles for Jack Conway and Joe Sestak-- and we have a special Senate election ActBlue page just for that.

Of course, if you well... you know... kinda wish the South won the Civil War and that blacks knew their place, Rand Paul is just the guy for you.
The current playbook being used by Rand Paul was first used in Virginia by Bob McDonnell, regardless of whether they know each other or not. It’s simply how ultra conservative candidates are running their races, focusing on economic issues, while hiding their extreme views on social issues, including women’s right, but now also on civil rights where Rand Paul is concerned.

There is an undercurrent of opinion dogging the Tea Party that posits they are racist. It has also dogged the Republican Party since their Southern strategy was implemented, of which the Tea Party is an extreme element.

From the Louisville Courier-Journal editorial board, after their interview with Rand Paul, an article entitled “In Republican Senate race, a dismal choice,” slammed the Republicans in the race. That judgment was an understatement where Rand Paul is concerned.
The trouble with Dr. Paul is that despite his independent thinking, much of what he stands for is repulsive to people in the mainstream. For instance, he holds an unacceptable view of civil rights, saying that while the federal government can enforce integration of government jobs and facilities, private business people should be able to decide whether they want to serve black people, or gays, or any other minority group.

If you still care, considering Paul’s civil rights views, on Sarah Palin being qualified to be president he says “absolutely,” also saying he feels “a kinship with her,” because of her Alaska outsider status that catapulted her to power. “She also has something you can’t buy and that’s likability,” he said of Palin. But it’s Rand Paul’s view on women’s rights, but especially civil rights that is so hair raising.

But it’s the nakedness and naïveté of Mr. Paul’s views civil rights laws, that legislation should not impact businesses, that is not only evidence that he’s unfit for Congress, but that he’s actually dangerous. To think that the United States would no longer require laws to protect minorities is just ignorant and lacking in experience in the real world. That he’s from Kentucky makes this even more amazing. As a Missourian, I shiver to think what would have continued without the Civil Rights Act.

As for his anti-women’s rights views, especially on individual freedoms, it’s absolutely discriminatory against women. It’s appalling in this day and age that a doctor would believe that women should be forced to carry a pregnancy to term against her will. The editorial board found his views “repellent” and they are correct. To say that the unborn has “equal” rights to the woman is simply wrong.

As for DADT, Mr. Paul danced around it, but came down on a “non-fraternization” policy for everyone.

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