Friday, April 29, 2011

Sunday Classics preview: "Rip, rip, RIP the Chipmunks off the field"


Follow the fold and stray no more,
stray no more,
stray no more.
Put down the bottle and we'll say no more.
Follow, follow the fold.

(Before you take another swallow --)
Follow the fold and stray no more,
stray no more,
stray no more.
Tear up your poker deck and play no more.
Follow, follow the fold.

To the meadows,
where the sun shines,
out of the darkness
and the cold.

Follow the fold and stray no more,
stray no more,
stray no more.
If you're a sinner and you pray no more,
follow, follow the fold.
From the Original Broadway Cast recording of Guys and Dolls

by Ken

Nothing fancy here -- tonight we've got three wonderful songs, or rather four if you count the one above, which is really cheating (I couldn't help myself!), since it's ripped out of context. We'll put that right on Sunday.

Our songs tonight have something blindingly, embarrassingly obvious in common, apart from the fact that they're all funny, and that they're the kinds of songs that have a way of burrowing into your brain and staying put. If you recognize them and know where they're from, fine; if not, just as fine. You should know by now that it'll all sort out in the end, or more likely in about five minutes. In tomorrow night's preview we'll pin down the sources, which will be the very titles of tomorrow's songs.

There isn't even anything fancy to say about the recordings. In all cases we've got the Original Broadway Cast plus something more recent.

I can't begin to tell you how much I love our first song. I wonder how many thousands of times I've listened to it. I don't think we need to say any more about it for now than that one of these guys is an authentic Groundhog, while the other is (sssh!) faking it.

"Grand Old Ivy"

Rudy Vallee and Robert Morse, vocals; Elliot Lawrence, cond.





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