Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Palin To Run In 2010? Right-wing Extremist Cuccinelli Replaced By Democrat In Virginia Special Election


Democrat replaces far right loon in Virginia state Senate (above is the loon)

Letterman was especially hilarious the other night when he joshed about his old friend Sarah Palin, giving her new status as a Fox commentator a huge plug. In reviewing her first day at the job he listed the top 10 highlights:
10. Ruined office floor by drilling for oil

9. Detached a retina from winking at the camera

8. Got confused-- thought she signed with QVC

7. Pistol-whipped three guys who called her "Tina"

6. Released a statement saying she won't follow Leno

5. At lunchtime, Todd picked her up driving snowmobile through lobby

4. Sad to learn there was no actual fox to hunt

3. Hosted a "Fire Dave" roundtable

2. Actually found a place with more white people than Alaska

1. Announced plans to run for President in 2010

The Republican Establishment has already decided she's too crazy and ignorant to win the presidency and they've decided on Mitt Romney. For all the sturm und drang of the teabagger "movement" and its idolization of her-- not despite her shortcomings but because of them-- this isn't something that's likely to propel anyone beyond a closed Republican primary.

Yesterday I had to put off a meeting with the Blue America attorney because he was manning a northern Virginia polling station. I hadn't realized there was a special election, but he reminded me that when lunatic-fringe sociopath Ken Cuccinelli was elected Virginia Attorney General, his state Senate seat came open. It's a Republican-leaning district and no one really expected it to go from insanely die-hard Republican to unapologetic Democratic. But I had to postpone the meeting again today because he was celebrating. His candidate, state Delegate Dave Marsden, a former Republican, won the seat last night!
Marsden, 61, a two-term delegate from Burke who switched political parties earlier this decade while serving as the head of the state Department of Juvenile Justice under both Republican and Democratic governors, won the 37th state Senate seat vacated by Attorney General-elect Kenneth T. Cuccinelli (R) by rallying a voter base reeling from big losses in November's statewide and House races.

Marsden's victory over Republican Stephen M. "Steve" Hunt, a former Fairfax County School Board member, also expands the control of Virginia Democrats in the Senate chamber... Rex Simmons, the newly-elected chairman of the Fairfax County Democratic Committee, said Marsden's victory would ensure Democrats would have a "seat at the table" with Republican Governor-elect Robert F. McDonnell.

"This is a tremendous win for Democrats in a district that has been largely Republican in the past," Simmons said. "This will give us a state senator for every inch of Fairfax County." The 37th has had a Republican state senator since 1992.

Republicans were left scrambling late Tuesday to figure out what happened.

"It's very disappointing," said Anthony Bedell, chairman of the Fairfax County Republican Committee. "We had the momentum, we had the support and we just didn't get it done."

Voters in the district voted for McDonnell in the governor's race against state Sen. R. Creigh Deeds (D-Bath) in November but both Senate candidates knew that their biggest challenge was simply to get voters to the polls. Hunt tried to energize his party's faithful at a Fairfax County Republican Committee last week, telling members: "The U.S. is at a crossroads. The state of the nation depends on a special election in Fairfax County."

In the final days, both campaigns turned aggressive. Marsden decried Hunt's "very bad judgment," referring to his views on homosexuality and sex education, and Hunt told a group at a Fairfax County Republican Committee last week that he intended to "demolish" Marsden in the election. Hunt's wife, Monique, even tried to drum up publicity by calling in to Fox News commentator Sean Hannity, who rebuffed a request for an interview with her husband.

In the future, of course, she'll be able to call Palin.

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At 8:28 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

You need to refer to the winner of the special election with quotes, like so "Democrat." He recently switched parties and campaigned for the incoming AG, a guy who makes Taliban Bob look like a bastion of liberal thought, just a few years ago.

At 10:25 AM, Blogger 333 said...

Of COURSE she is going to run in 2012... It'll be her and Newt Gingrich!! Who does NOT understand this? Raise your hand so you can be issue a hat that is pointy and labeled, " In the corner because I'm a retard."

I posted on my blog back in July that Sarah Palin would be a Fox NEWS sidekick....and I also said it would be her way to learn FAST about the world, raise money for her campaign, and talk enough on a national stage to be well polished for a verbal knock-down with the Obama-Biden Re-election bid....

We're Screwed.. Thank you FOX NEWS for being the launching pad for destroying America. What is it you have against this country Murdoch? You greedy asshole.


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