Saturday, October 17, 2009

Netroots Contributes Over $1.14 Million For Maine Equality Battle


Thursday was a real feel good kind of day at Blue America; the money bomb we helped out with for Maine's No On 1 campaign was a huge success and their total is now over $1,140,000. Blue America is closing in on $10,000 for them. We gave away the Barbra Streisand DVDs and at the last minute a Florida bidder jumped in with a thousand dollars and walked away with the Joan Osborne platinum award.

It felt so good exchanging the award plaque with a huge fan of "One of Us" for a full day of radio ads for the whole state, that I have another offer... or two! A generous donor gave us a Lenny Kravitz multi-platinum award for Greatest Hits and it's spectacular. If someone wants to drop $1,000 into the Blue America No On 1 slot, the Lenny Kravitz award is your thank you from us. And they also gave us a Joss Stone gold record award for The Soul Sessions and that will go to the first person who donates $500. And for anyone who donates at least $30 today-- or at least for the first 30 people who do-- the thank you gift is an Ocean's Twelve CD.

And here's a little video the folks a the No On 1 campaign sent us, which added to all the good cheer around here:

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At 3:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The military industrial complex is going to roll along regardless who is president.

Corporations and their share holders owners of the government and the country.

At 3:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joss Stone's new album "Colour Me Free" in stores Oct. 20th (U.S) | Worldwide Nov. 20th.

Promo video:


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