Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Promise To Screw Oklahoma Voters Over Again That Dan Boren Will Certainly Keep


The report last night that Obama is getting so frustrated with the blatant obstructionism from the Republican Party regarding health care reform-- like the "need" for 80 votes instead of 51-- and that he's prepared to just give up on them and let the Democrats pass the legislation without them, may be true. I doubt it but it may be true. But none of that matters to the House's worst Democrat, Blue Dog Dan Boren (OK).

Boren, who represents the "Little Dixie" section of the state that voted heaviest for McCain in the country, is the only Democrat in Oklahoma's congressional delegation. He usually votes with the Republicans when it comes to substantive, contentious issues. Like Republicans and other Blue Dogs, he voraciously scoops up massive (legalistic) bribes from corporate America and then does their bidding regardless of the impact on his own constituents, by far, the poorest, least educated and most poorly served in the state. Boren has taken $121,985 from the Insurance Industry to whom he is so loyal, and another $267,710 from the Medical-Industrial Complex (all in just 4 years!). He's already announced that he's a definite "no" vote on health care reform (just like his bribe-besotted fellow reactionary Blue Dog Allen Boyd in Florida did at a town hall meeting this week.) In fact, according to the Tulsa World he said he was so certain he would join his pals and fellow-bribees the Republicans to kill health care reform that if he votes yes, "I'll shave my head."

Boren is enough of a clown already that he surely needn't shave his head to play the fool. He brags how he didn't vote for Obama for president and how he opposes Employee Free Choice. This year he voted against equality for women in the workplace and against hate crime legislation that would help protect gay men and women from violence and he seems to revel in distancing himself from President Obama and calling him a political liability.

Last year Boren beat his GOP for with 70% of the votes slightly down from the 73% he received in 2006. Supposedly the NRCC is targeting him next year. I hope they beat him but judging by the imbecile they're putting up against him (see video below), Howard Houchen, a clueless dittohead, Boren will be safe to wear out the carpet across the aisle for two more years. The Chairman of the state GOP referred to Houchen as "well educated" after he ascertained that he could read.

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At 7:50 PM, Anonymous Balakirev said...

'Twas a time when Dan Boren was on NPR so often, playing nice-nice, and regarded as a "moderate" voice who was open to everybody's point of view. None of the usual crew bothered looking at his day-to-day record and asking him why he voted as he did. It took a long time for NPR to catch on to this--come to think of it, about as long as it took them to realize that just because a Pope could claim he "spoke" 23 languages, didn't mean he was a humanist or even interested in views that postdated the 7th century ACE.

As for Boren: he's a joke. And should really hive off to a third party.

At 2:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

At the Boren townhall I went to last week, I noticed that some of the folks (citizens at the microphone) talked to Boren like he was less of a man than his daddy was. The folks were talking to Boren like he aint got no guts.

Im serious & am not exaggerating. We videos all but the last question. But that is the gist or impression I gathered.


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