Friday, April 24, 2009

Instead of apologizing, maybe I should brag about taking less than a day to get the head and clip on my Gene Robinson Pulitzer Prize item right


No, this isn''t the actual Con Ed gang severing the gas line
to my building. Call it kind of
, you know, a "reenactment."

Yeah, I think I got it right now, my item yesterday about Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson winning the Pulitzer Prize for commentary.

Okay, it was a rough day, and I was frantically trying to clear the decks to be able to have dinner with an out-of-town visitor (and no, it was late when I got home, so I didn't fire up the old computing machine to check for possible wrong heads or clips), and it was my second day in a new cubicle where I have to train myself to use the mouse left-handed, plus I was trying to find out whether I needed to drop everything and rush home (it's only an hour-and-five-minute trip, with good subway connections) in hope of having the gas turned back on in my apartment, after Con Edison deftly severed the line coming into the building on Tuesday.

As a matter of fact, as soon as I post this, I should try to get my super on the phone to see if there's any news. Yet. But I guess this is why God gave us electric toaster-oven-broilers and microwaves and, yes, waffle irons! Who doesn't like a nice waffle now and then? (And by the same token, when the electric power goes off, if you've got a good strong flashlight you could cook something on the gas stove.)

Anyway, in case you wondered, it was indeed the Pulitzer and not the Nobel Prize that Gene won, and now you can see a clip of Gene instead of Tiger Woods. Really, now, it was just the head and the lead art -- I can't be held to account for every tiny detail, can I? (But man, the DWT headline- and clip-checking staff, I wouldn't want to be in their shoes, I can tell you. And the jerk at who posted the wrong embed code, I'll bet God has some terrible punishment in store for him/her!)
-- Ken

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