Monday, April 06, 2009

Evil Incarnate Sets Up Camp In NY-20


Tedisco calls in the GOP garbage truck

Phil at The Albany Project is on the ground with the latest from the post-election race in NY-20 between Scott Murphy and Tedisco. The GOP sent in their dirtiest gun, Mr. Brooks Brothers Riot, himself, Roger Stone. He hopes to help Tedisco steal the congressional race the same way he helped Bush-Cheney steal the presidential race in 2000. Since you'll probably be hearing plenty more about this sleazebag in the coming weeks, we thought we'd make sure you have all the necessary context, in the form of this short video clip:

UPDATE: The See Saw Count Now Has Murphy Up By 83 Votes

A judge just ruled that the vote counting should proceed-- Tedisco opposed that-- and the most current count has Murphy up by 83. Tedisco apparently plans to use Roger Stone to challenge absentee ballots... but only the ones that voted for Murphy.

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