Thursday, March 12, 2009

So Far Three Extreme Right Republicans Want Rematches In 2010


Corrupt Republican lobbyist Mitchell Wade is in prison but Virgil Goode still isn't-- and he wants his old job back

Bill Sali (R-ID) can certainly make the case in he western Idaho district he used to represent that the Democrat who beat him in November, Walt Minnick, votes like a Republican on all the key issues but hampers the GOP's ability to govern on a national basis by supporting a Democratic organization of the House (and the boogie-man... err... woman: Nancy Pelosi). ID-01 is one of the most backward and reactionary districts in the country and includes the Nazi and KKK redoubts around Lake Hayden and Coeur D'Alene. Obama only scored 36% in the district at the same time Sali lost his seat to Minnick, 175,567 (51%) to 171,324 (49%). That represented a lot of serious ticket-splitting, indicating that anyone who wasn't a card-carrying member of Aryan Nations probably had had it with Sali. But he's going to try again. He sure can't accuse Minnick of supporting Obama. Well... he can and, no doubt he will. But it isn't true. In fact, Idaho Democrats have more reasons to stay home than Republican voters have to turn on Minnick and bring back the intensely disliked Sali.

Steve Chabot (OH-01) was also defeated in November-- by moderate Democrat Steve Driehaus, 143,743 (51%) to 135,376 (49%) in the Cincinnati-based district where Obama beat McCain 55-44% (a huge turn around from Bush victories in 2000 and 2004). Unlike Minnick's reactionary Republican voting record, Driehaus has consistently stood up for the Ohio working families who elected him. Cincinnati voters who wanted change have no reason to be disappointed. Chabot will have no leg to stand on except that he wants his career back.

This morning a third defeated wingnut-- this one also a crook-- Virgil Goode, has announced he wants a rematch. VA-05 is the heart of Virginia and it leans Republican but Obama did far better (48%) than Gore (41%) or Kerry (43%) and voters ousted Goode after a dozen unsatisfactory corruption-filled years of right-wing extremism. It was one of the closest, down-to-the-wire races in the country, Tom Perriello beating him 158,712 to 157,967. Perriello has been one of the most conscientious of this year's freshmen, extremely careful to balance his own progressive inclinations with the sensitivities of his district. His voting record has been moderate and tends to reflect opinion in southern Virginia. Goode is still screaming for the rejected far right ideology that devastated the region's economy. And he is also claiming credit for earmarks in the Omnibus Appropriations Bill that will bring around $10 million to VA-05. Perriello voted for the bill-- and for most of the legislation needed to implement President Obama's rescue plan for the nation. Goode insists he opposes everything and there is no doubt that if voters in central Virginia want a pointless obstructionist representing them, Goode is their man. Others might want to consider making an early donation to Tom Perriello's re-election campaign.

Dick Gregory explains what the policies rubber stamped by Goode, Sali and Chabot have wrought. If these guys-- and others like them-- somehow get back into Congress, we could wind up with lots more like this:

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At 3:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Virgil Goode was, and is, extremely popular in his district. And remember, it doesn't matter that he's part of a discredited approach to economics--what we might call the Loony Tunes School of Give It All to Us--but how you twist everything in the press.

I'll bet that if things don't turn around significantly in 2 years, he stands a fair chance of recapturing his old seat. Using sentimentality for a good times that never existed, but has been created out of money, thin air, and an idiot press corps.

At 6:55 PM, Blogger Jill said...

I know this video was for the Dick Gregory interview, but I hope you'll post vids from Break Room Live more often. It's the most original programming around in any medium and deserves more exposure.

At 9:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steve Driehaus is one of the stupidest people I have ever met in my entire life. And I'm a dem!

It's obvious he was voted in on Obama's coattail and not his own merits.

I couldn't stomach voting for him and had to vote the other guy.


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