Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Obama Makes His First Judicial Nomination: Indiana Moderate David Hamilton-- Republican Far Right Obstructionists Are Hysterical Already


A few weeks ago the Grand Obstructionist Party threatened to filibuster all President Obama's judicial nominees. Every single one of them signed a letter making all sorts of pompous demands that flew in the face of the Constitution-- and in the face of Republican practices over the 8 years. If all 41 of them actually stuck together and filibustered all President Obama's nominees, they could actually stop any judges from being voted on and confirmed. Basically the organizers of this stunt-- Miss McConnell, Jon Kyl, Jim DeMint, Richard Burr, Tom Coburn and John Cornyn-- were demanding that Obama continue to appoint right-wing extremists to the federal judiciary, the same kind of garbage that Bush had been stocking the bench with.

The President gave the extremists his answer today: a moderate, well respected trial judge, David Hamilton from Indiana to sit on the Chicago-based Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. And this first judicial pick has been wholeheartedly endorsed by both Indiana Senators, conservatove Democrat Evan Bayh and moderate Republican Dick Lugar. Obama will start rolling out his first judicial nominees over the next few weeks but one White House aid, probably Emanuel, told the NY Times that "part of the reason for making the Hamilton nomination the administration’s first public entry into the often contentious field of judicial selection was to serve 'as a kind of signal' about the kind of nominees Mr. Obama will select... 'We would like to put the history of the confirmation wars behind us.'"

Hamilton has been on the bench since 1994 when he was appointed by Bill Clinton. People For the American Way president, Kathryn Kolbert, signaled satisfaction from progressives:
David Hamilton is an ideal choice for this seat. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated a willingness to put principle ahead of politics and bring an open mind to every case. Judge Hamilton has shown a deep commitment to the rule of law and core constitutional principles of liberty, equality, and justice for all Americans. 
I’m encouraged not only that President Obama has made such a strong choice, but by his success in reaching across the aisle and winning the support of both of Indiana’s Senators. This is a very good sign for the caliber of nominees we can expect from this president. I urge the Senate to move quickly to confirm him.

With Bayh and Lugar behind the nomination, it is unlikely that any conservative Democrats will oppose the nomination and even if every other Republican fillibusters-- which is extremely unlikely-- Hamilton will still be confirmed. But there is already grousing about the nomination from the far right fringe of the GOP. The Republicans who oppose separation of Church and State hate Hamilton and will work with Senate radicals like DeMint, Burr and Cornyn to stir up a contentious, divisive debate. One of the lowbrow Federalist Society/GOP radical front groups Judicial Confirmation Network is already screaming hysterically that Hamilton is "an ultra-liberal."

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At 12:50 PM, Blogger KDJ said...

I am a fiscal conservative and a social moderate. The hyperbolic arguments from both sides with the name calling and inflammatory adjectives that peppered this article are a perfect example of why this country will have a very difficult time finding a common ground somewhere. Judge Hamilton like many others from the progressive political heritage does not find it difficult to speak out of both sides of his mouth. On one hand he sites separation of church and state to eliminate references to Jesus, Christ or God in the state of Indiana. On the other hand, he allows the use of the word Allah within public prayers and statements in Indiana. So what is his core belief? Do we need somebody who insists on walking down both sides of the street sitting on our judicial bench? If he has principles and core beliefs, again I ask what are they and are they what our country needs? For me, I prefer to see justices that swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States as it was written, intended, and lawfully amended. On this one issue, at least it appears that his understanding of the doctrine of separation of church and state does not match up with the principles or the law as represented in the Bill of Rights.

At 12:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no room for this....Obama is slowly doing himself in....you will see conservatism rise up.
He has shown in a short period of time...how smart he isn't...and how his arrogance will squander any of the moderates who made the stupid mistake of voting for him.
Hang on to your attitudes...a-holes.

At 4:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just wont to say that no one needs "common" ground. All we need is faith in our Lord and Saviour Jesus to get us through the bad times. Grace will get us home. The people like judge hamilton will suffer the same fate that Pharaoh suffered at the hands of Almighty God when he refused to let the Hebrew children go. We know that we are all going to die, but these people are going to suffer the second death, no use bickering with them, we have been warned of what is to come, only the unsaved are to blind to see, or even notice the occourances today with what we are taught to look for in the last days....

At 3:57 PM, Anonymous Steve said...

Before reading this article I was open to input on Judge Hamilton. Since reading the article I will have to really search this out. The writer is given to exaggeration and hyper-overreaction. This is evident to even the most open mind.
I can't believe I read his disjointed, dishonest, descriptions of people he is against. He fulfills the old adage, "if you can't figure a person, just wait around until he opens his mouth."

At 5:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This writer is obviously so limited that he uses name calling and generalities instead of constructive reasoning to state his position. Judge Hamilton is another example of a double minded man lacking an honorable fundamental core belief system. Our courts should be staffed with judges who uphold and will defend our constitution. Pres. Obama's list of appointments (ie. czars)has been extremely disappointing and in many cases dangerous to the integrity of our country.

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