Tuesday, December 23, 2008

So Howard Wolfson won't take the pay cut to work for his old boss Hillary? Awww! (Phew!)


by Ken

I know I promised more "Trapped in the meltdown" news, and we'll get to that, but first let's pause for a bit of happy news. Every now and then we dodge a bullet we didn't even know was heading toward us. So it is with the news, courtesy of our Washington Post "In the Loop" pal Al Kamen, that mush-mouthed mouthpiece (turned Fox News "liberal" commentator) Howard Wolfson will not be working for Sec'y of State-designate Hillary Clinton.

I know we'll be accused of Hillary-bashing, but when we think of some of the creepy people she had masterminding and fronting for her presidential campaign, and then think of some of them moving with her to the State Dept., well, we'd rather not think about it. I for one am relieved to be hearing of this particular rumor in the same story in which it's shot down:

No Bureaucrat, Wolfson

There's been chatter that the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign's communications director, Howard Wolfson, was in line to become perhaps assistant secretary for public affairs or some other top post in Sen. Clinton's new job at Foggy Bottom. We heard yesterday that that's not happening and that he may be landing a new gig in Manhattan.

Maybe he couldn't handle the salary reduction. The State Department position pays but $153,200 a year, a small fraction of his recent earnings. By one calculation, he was paid about $1 million for 18 months on the campaign trail. Another calculation has it at about $800,000.

Either way, government work would be a serious whack in the wallet.

Whoa there! Wanna run those numbers past us once more, a little slower? For 18 months on the campaign trail, our Howie was paid how much??? A million smackeroos??????


Well, if that's the salary bracket he's now accustomed to, we wouldn't want him to make that kind of financial sacrifice -- to do for the State Dept. what he did for Hillary's campaign.

Wolfson to Work for Bloomberg

In an interview with NY1, top Democratic strategist Howard Wolfson announced that he will be joining New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's re-election campaign as a senior communications adviser.

Bloomberg was elected twice as a Republican and now is registered as an independent.

Asked about some of the tough words he has had for the mayor in the past -- including once calling him "an out-of-touch billionaire", Wolfson joked: "That was my evil twin."

Ha ha, good one, Howie. Evil twin. Yeah. Ha ha.

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At 4:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"For 18 months on the campaign trail, our Howie was paid how much??? A million smackeroos??????"

One more reason I'm glad I didn't send Hillary any money.

At 7:36 PM, Blogger KenInNY said...

Hmm, excellent point!



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