Monday, November 17, 2008

Tonight's Song: Willie Nelson And The Pretenders


Break Up The Concrete is the new album-- the first since Artemis released the mostly unheralded Loose Screw six years ago-- from The Pretenders. I love it. So many great references to Dylan! And, like most Pretenders' albums I love it because of Chrissie's songwriting. And yet, tonight we're listening to one of the two songs on the album, the other being "Rosalee," not written by Chrissie. Actually this isn't even officially on the regular album. It's a bonus track offered by WalMart for CDs sold in their store. (What a really bad idea from some marketing guy for a conscious artist.) But, fittingly, it's a song, "Both Sides Of Goodbye," by Hank Williams, Jr. Fortunately Chrissie chose Willie Nelson to sing it with her.

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