Friday, September 19, 2008

Would You Think I'm Exaggerating If I Told You McCain Wants Us All To Die?


Although he's probably close to death, McCain doesn't need to worry about the basic health care system. If he gets sick he can just jump on his private jet and go anywhere in the world for the best team of physicians and specialists without thinking about the cost. The rest of us? Well, he has a plan for us-- and Paul Krugman just made sure we'd all know about it. In the NY Times this evening he provided a link to an article McCain wrote-- or that one of his lobbyist buddies wrote for him-- in the new issue of Contingencies called "Better Health Care at Lower Cost for Every American."
Here’s what McCain has to say about the wonders of market-based health reform:

Opening up the health insurance market to more vigorous nationwide competition, as we have done over the last decade in banking, would provide more choices of innovative products less burdened by the worst excesses of state-based regulation.

So McCain, who now poses as the scourge of Wall Street, was praising financial deregulation like 10 seconds ago-- and promising that if we marketize health care, it will perform as well as the financial industry!

Not only is McCain trying to kill you, if you have a brother-in-law clueless and racist enough to be voting for him, he's trying to kill you too!

And if McCain's health care plans don't kill you, and you live to a ripe old age, his plans for Social Security will make you wish you were dead.
McCain came under fire on Friday from defenders of the current Social Security system after his aides signaled to the Associated Press that the current market turmoil has not altered his support for changing the retirement program to allow individuals to invest some portion of their Social Security payroll taxes in stocks and bonds.

"His midnight conversion from aggressive deregulator to market critic is apparently incomplete," said Jared Bernstein, the senior economist at the liberal Economic Policy Institute.

"He still wants to privatize Social Security to subject retirees to the possibility of this kind of market turmoil, "he added. "Imagine what this would have meant to those in the cohort unlucky enough to reach retirement age in a market climate like this one."

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