Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Lunch With Darcy Burner In Los Angeles


For many observers who are watching congressional races around the country, there is no one energizing progressives more than Darcy Burner from the suburbs east of Seattle. Like newly elected congresswoman Donna Edwards (D-MD), Darcy is being looked at as a visionary potential national leader. Next week Darcy is going to be in Los Angeles and Blue America is going to be sponsoring an intimate getting-to-know-you lunch. If you'd like to join Digby, John Amato and myself welcoming Darcy-- in a very informal setting-- on the east side of L.A. (yes, not in Beverly Hills, not in Brentwood, not in Santa Monica, not in Malibu... in Silverlake), please go to the Blue America page and donate at least $50 to Darcy's campaign. And, whether you donate $50 or $150 or $1,000, please ad eight cents (Darcy's is the 8th district) so that we know you want to join us for the lunch. We'll reply with directions to the lunch a week from yesterday (Tuesday, September 9th and noon). Come on, it'll be fun-- and it's going to be men and women like Darcy Burner who will the the real engines of change in America.

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