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It's Monday... and it's the first day of the Democratic National Convention. How about a nice cheery tune to start the day?

Krugman wants to see more blood in the water and, given what Obama is up against-- Rove is definitely running the McCain operation even if a step removed-- he's probably right.
[I]n the world we actually live in, pro-corporate, inequality-increasing Republicans argue that you should vote for them because they’re regular guys you’d like to have a beer with, while Democrats who want to raise taxes on top earners, expand health care and raise the minimum wage are snooty elitists.

And in that world, stripping away the regular-guy facade-- pointing out that everything Rush Limbaugh said about Mr. Kerry applies equally to Mr. McCain, that Mr. McCain lives in a material world few Americans can imagine-- is only fair. Yes, Mr. Obama vacations in Hawaii-- and Cindy McCain says that “In Arizona, the only way to get around the state is by small private plane.”

The squealing from the usual suspects demonstrates how much the Obama counterattack has the G.O.P. worried. Back in 2004 Fox News described John Kerry as “one of the haves” with a “billionaire wife”; now it asks whether raising the issue of Mr. McCain’s houses is “bashing the American dream.”

And the McCain campaign, after initially mumbling something about how Mr. Obama eats arugula, quickly resorted to its all-purpose answer: you can’t criticize the candidate because he’s a former P.O.W. Maybe the campaign hopes that the Obama people will fall into a reflexive cringe, the same way they did when Wesley Clark made the entirely reasonable point that having been a P.O.W., while it makes you a hero, doesn’t necessarily qualify you to become president.

Assuming that the Obama campaign isn’t scared off by the P.O.W. thing, can it really win in an exchange of character attacks? Probably not-- but it doesn’t have to.

The central fact of this year’s election is that voters are fed up with Republican rule. The only way Mr. McCain can win the presidential race is if it becomes a contest of personalities rather than parties-- and if his campaign can instill in voters the perception that Mr. Obama is a suspicious character while Mr. McCain is a fine, upstanding gentleman.

The Obama campaign, on the other hand, doesn’t need to convince voters either that he’s the awesomest candidate ever or that Mr. McCain is a villain. All it has to do is tarnish Mr. McCain’s image enough so that voters see this as a race between a Democrat and a Republican. And that’s a race the Democrat will easily win.

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At 9:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every one is sick of Republicans and chimpy.I'm wearing my MOB tshirt Mothers Opposing Bush..I just a standing ovation at the local gas station. And while no one I know and come in contact with thinks our country is headed in the right direction, some of "them" will still consider McCain.I never thought Bush was stupid, McCain is. Why would we want an ignorant, unread, and computer illiterate in the white house. I don't have the answer but it frightens me.
about the Bubbes and Zaydes..
I'm Jewish and I see them every week in the local Obama office. I actually heard one of them slip and refer to Obama as the schvartza(sp). She didn't even know she used the word. I hadn't heard that word in 30 years.

At 10:00 AM, Blogger DownWithTyranny said...

Lee my friend in West Palm Beach, insisting that he and his mother-- both of whom are lifelong Democrats voting for McCain-- actually told me last night that the proof they're not racists is because they have "schvartze" friends and they "help them." He didn't understand when I laughed in his face. They actually can't imagine that they're racists.


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